Book Signing Schedule

Meet Your Favorite Authors

Seattle’s University Book Store, one of the Northwest’s foremost independent booksellers, has teamed with the show to operate our popular Book Signing Station, conveniently located in the Conference Center next to all three seminar rooms. Simply head to the Conference Center to enjoy your favorite speakers, and the Book Signing Station is right nearby.

After you purchase books at the Book Signing Station, why not have them autographed? Authors head to the Book Signing Station after their seminars to greet audience members, sign books and answer questions. Autographed books make great gifts for your garden-loving friends.

A very special thanks to the

Here is the book signing schedule and the books by this year’s speakers, many hot off the presses. You’re sure to find some perfect additions to your garden book library. (Click on the book to see the full cover.)

Wednesday, February 7

David E. Perry 10:45 AM
Timothy Walker 11:15 AM
Debra Lee Baldwin 12:00 PM
Bobbie Schwartz 2:30 PM
David Mizejewski 3:45 PM
Paige Embry 3:45 PM
Brenda C. Adams 3:45 PM
Christina Pfeiffer 4:15 PM
Kerry Ann Mendez 5:00 PM
Karen Chapman 6:15 PM
Anne Biklé 6:30 PM

Thursday, February 8

Kerry Ann Mendez 10:45 AM
Christina Pfeiffer 11:00 AM
Paul Bonine & Amy Campion 12:00 PM
Timothy Walker 12:30 PM
Debra Lee Baldwin 1:15 PM
Bobbie Schwartz 1:45 PM
Benjamin Vogt 2:30 PM
Susan Morrison 3:45 PM
Rebecca Sweet 3:45 PM
C.L. Fornari 3:45 PM
Ellen Zachos 3:45 PM
Linda Beutler 6:15 PM
Brenda C. Adams 6:30 PM
David Mizejewski 7:30 PM
Kathleen Brenzel 7:45 PM

Friday, February 9

Janit Calvo 11:00 AM
Mark Turner 11:15 AM
Paige Embry 12:00 PM
Paul Bonine & Amy Campion 12:30 PM
Lorene Edwards Forkner 1:15 PM
Richie Steffen 2:30 PM
Nita-Jo Rountree 3:45 PM
Eileen M. Stark 3:45 PM
Linda Chalker-Scott 4:15 PM
Jessi Bloom 5:00 PM
Ciscoe Morris 5:15 PM

Saturday, February 10

David Montgomery 10:45 AM
Donna Balzer 11:15 AM
Benjamin Vogt 12:30 PM
Charlie Nardozzi 12:45 PM
C.L. Fornari 1:15 PM
Kathleen Brenzel 1:45 PM
Mary-Kate Mackey 1:45 PM
Rebecca Sweet 2:30 PM
Megan Cain 3:45 PM
Ellen Zachos 3:45 PM
Niki Jabbour 3:45 PM
Susan Morrison 3:45 PM
Sue Goetz 5:00 PM
Stephanie Rose 6:00 PM
Robert Kourik 6:15 PM
Kate Frey 6:30 PM
Joanne Olszewski 7:30 PM

Sunday, February 11

Joanne Olszewski 12:00 PM
Niki Jabbour 12:30 PM
Charlie Nardozzi 12:45 PM
Megan Cain 1:15 PM
John J. Albers 1:45 PM
Stephanie Rose 2:30 PM
Mary-Kate Mackey 3:45 PM
Jessi Bloom 3:45 PM
Robert Kourik 3:45 PM
Bill Thorness 5:00 PM