Seminar Spotlight: Sharing Your Garden with Wildlife

Seminar Spotlight: Sharing Your Garden with Wildlife

As gardeners we have a passion – and a responsibility – for sharing our little plot of Earth with the wildlife that lives there too. From the beloved ‘flying flowers’ such as birds, bees and butterflies, down to the microscopic creatures we cannot even see, we should all make an effort to create beneficial habitat not only for our families, but for all wildlife in our region. But that doesn’t mean an ugly garden! These great seminar speakers will show you how to have a wildlife-friendly garden and a family-friendly garden too, all the while respecting the Earth.


David Mizejewski – TV personality & naturalist with National Wildlife Federation
David is a media personality, author, blogger and a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation. He hosted and co-produced Backyard Habitat on Animal Planet from 2005-2008. He also appeared in an Animal Planet mini-series in April, 2007 called Springwatch U.S.A. He blogs about the BP Oil Spill and about animal oddities for Animal Planet and contributes to NWF’s blog Wildlife Promise. David makes monthly appearances on NBC’s Today Show and is a regular guest on The Martha Stewart Show and ABC’s Good Morning America. He has also appeared on Planet Green’s Renovation Nation; HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard and Curb Appeal; Sundance Channel’s Big Ideas for a Small Planet; and CNN’s Headline News and Larry King Live. He is the author of Attracting Birds, Butterflies and Other Backyard Wildlife, (Creative Homeowner, 2004), winner of the 2005 Publisher’s Marketing Association Benjamin Franklin Award. He is also a contributor to Gardening How-To magazine.


Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
Attracting Birds, Butterflies & Backyard Wildlife
Fri, Feb 10 at 11:00 am / Hood Room
One of the joys of gardening is creating a beautiful, natural space that you, your family and the local birds, butterflies and other backyard wildlife can enjoy. Join author, blogger and celebrity naturalist David Mizejewski from National Wildlife Federation for a fun and informative talk on creating wildlife-friendly gardens. David will go through each of the four components of habitat – food, water, shelter and places to raise young – explaining each and sharing tips, ideas and projects that participants can implement in their own yards. He will also show you how you can have your garden recognized as an official “Certified Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation. 



James Ullrich – Owner, Wild Birds Unlimited, Gig Harbor
James Ullrich is the president of Wild Birds Unlimited in Gig Harbor, and is the current president of the Kitsap Audubon Society. He has served on the Kitsap Audubon board of directors for the past eight years, and was past president in 2005. James has given over 75 presentations of Orchard Mason Bees over the years. He has been a guest on the radio programs of Ciscoe Morris, Ed Hume and Scott Conner. He received the “Friend to the Environment” award from Wild Birds Unlimited of Indianapolis, IN, the “Franchisee of the Year” for Wild Birds Unlimited of Indianapolis, IN. the Silver Beaver award from the Boy Scouts of America and the Kingfisher Award from the Kitsap Audubon Society. For the past three years he has written articles on birds and bees for the West Sound Home & Garden magazine. James is a retired Naval officer, and holds a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Puget Sound. Visit the Wild Birds Unlimited booth, # 953.


Developing a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary
How to Invite Mason Bees & Birds into Your Garden
Wed, Feb 8 at 6:45 pm / DIY Stage
Fri, Feb 10 at 6:45 pm / DIY Stage
Pick up all the latest seasonal tips on developing a Backyard Sanctuary for your backyard birds and Mason Bees.  Everything from developing greenbelt Shelters with yard waste, and maintaining same throughout the year. You’ll learn about setting up appropriate housing for the Cavity Dwelling birds in your backyard, from Nuthatch and Wood duck boxes to Robin roosts, to winter roosts for Chickadees and others. Also learn when to clean them and how often; what food to use on a seasonal basis, to attract the greatest variety of birds to your yard and using the appropriate food to keep as much waste off the ground as possible. When presenting bird food, learn tips on how to keep other unwanted rodents away, from squirrels to Raccoons to rats, the best bird bath options and how to clean them during the pollen and mold seasons, and tips on keeping your food dry and presentable to your birds and squirrels, if you feed both.


Zsofia Pasztor – Garden designer & owner, Innovative Landscape Technologies
Zsofia: Zsofia Pasztor is the owner of Innovative Landscape Technologies. She is a part-time instructor at the Edmonds Community College, a landscape designer, LID construction
consultant, wetland delineator, certified professional horticulturist, certified tree risk assessor, and a certified arborist. As a consultant, she often works with bioretention solutions, vegetated roofs, living walls, edible gardens and permaculture. She is the creator of the ‘Farmer Frog Model’ promoting community based urban farming that protects and restores habitat for people and wildlife at the same time. She is the president of the Sustainable Development Task Force of Snohomish County (SDTF), a member of the Rain Garden Coalition of Snohomish County, and a member of the Curriculum Board for the Edmonds Community College’s Horticultural Department.


At Home in a Habitat Garden
Important Elements for Inviting Wildlife in the Garden
Sun, Feb 12 at 5:00 pm / Rainier Room
Show garden designer Zsofia Pasztor shares her tips for the basics of backyard wildlife habitats – learn the four most important elements of small to medium scale habitat garden; take home simple DIY ideas and solutions.



Joe Lamp’l – Producer and host of “Growing a Greener World” TV
Joe’s infatuation with gardening and nature began as a child after a run-in with his parents’ favorite shrub, he panicked and jammed the broken branch into the ground. A few weeks later, it had taken root. Joe was not only relieved; he was also hooked on horticulture. That passion is evident to a nationwide audience who has watched Joe as host of the popular series, Fresh from the Garden on DIY Network and GardenSMART on PBS. As one of the country’s most recognized and trusted personalities in gardening and sustainability, today, he combines his national television experience and expertise of gardening, environmental stewardship and passion for living a more eco-friendly life, as host and producer of Growing a Greener World on public television. Joe also shares his know-how on NBC’s TODAY SHOW, ABC’s Good Morning America, The Victory Garden on PBS and more. Off-camera, he is founder & CEO of The joe gardener® Company, devoted to environmentally responsible gardening and sustainable outdoor living.

Want to get a front row VIP seat to Joe’s seminars plus a complimentary autographed copy of his book? Visit the Subaru garden on the skybridge for details on Friday and Saturday before Joe’s lectures.  And follow Joe to the Subaru garden to purchase your own signed copy of his book. Joe will be signing books at 2:30 pm Friday and 2:15 pm on Saturday.

Subaru Presents: Growing a Greener World
Gardening to Make a Difference
Fri, Feb 10 at 1:00 pm / Rainier Room
Sat, Feb 11 at 12:45 pm / Rainier Room
Based on his popular PBS television show, “Growing a Greener World” and his best-selling book, The Green Gardeners Guide, TV host Joe Lamp’l shares the most significant actions that gardeners, beginners and veterans alike, can take to make their gardens “greener” and positively impact the planet through sustainable gardening and water conservation. Find out how easy it is to make a difference!


Jeff Lowenfels – Alaska columnist & author, “Teaming with Microbes”
Jeff Lowenfels is America’s longest running garden columnist, having written for the Anchorage Daily News every week for over 36 years. He is host of Alaska’s only garden radio show, “The Garden Party” and author of the award winning book Teaming With Microbes: The Organic Gardener’s Guide To The Soil Food Web (Timber Press, 2010). A former president of the Garden Writers Association, Fellow and Hall of Fame Member, he is known for his humorous but insightful talks on organic gardening to all manner of audiences throughout the country and for founding ‘Plant A Row For The Hungry,’ which each of you should do.


No More Chemicals in Your Garden!
The Latest Science on Gardening without Chemicals
Thurs, Feb 9 at 6 pm / Hood Room
You can’t really understand sustainable and organic gardening until you learn the fascinating science of the soil food web, Nature’s system that enables all plants to grow without chemicals. This is the who, what, and how to garden without chemicals, updated with the latest from the world of science. Think this sounds dull? Not when it’s told by the award-winning master of microbes, Jeff Lowenfels.

For the complete seminar schedule and all our speaker’s biographies visit our website. ~ Janet


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