Seminar Rooms Relocated!

Seminar Rooms Relocated!

If you’ve been following the developments of the upcoming Northwest Flower & Garden Show (and what self-respecting gardening fanatic hasn’t?) then by now you know the seminars rooms are moving to an all new location at the show. Last July the Washington State Convention Center proudly opened the Conference Center, 71,000 square feet of high-end, configurable space built with a LEED-certified eco-friendly design. It boasts adjustable lighting (perfect for taking notes!), a built-in sound system and programmable LCD screens at the entrances to the meeting rooms. The Rainier Room, Hood Room and the Smith & Hawken DIY Stage have never had it so good.


The Seminar Rooms are now located in the new Conference Center, which is accessed from the east end of the North Hall. DON'T exit the show, and just follow the signs!

So what does that mean for our show attendees who flock to the acclaimed seminar series?! Don’t go to the old location! Instead of exiting the show and going down the escalators in the North building, you stay in the show and cross the sky bridge (you’ll be facing our new “My Garden Gate” exhibition). Turn right down any aisle, and go to the end of that aisle. You can’t miss the huge opening for the Conference Center. There is both elevator and escalator access down one flight, and you’re there. You could stay for days and see dozens of seminars! (Well, not really. I’m kicking you out at 8:00 pm so I can go home. But do come back the next day!)


When you get downstairs, all three seminar rooms are close by. The popular Book Signing Station, staffed by the friendly team from the University Book Store, is now right outside the Rainier Room. We’ll have over 60 book signings, with quite a few new books making their debut at the show. There are also spacious rest rooms on the floor and we’ve even added a latte cart so you can grab a drink or a snack. (To read about all the great new authors who will be at the show, read this blog:


The Rainier Room will now seat over twice as many people as before, with 800 seats, up from 360 seats. The Hood Room can now seat 450, up from 360. Because of  the added capacity, the show wanted to eliminate the added hassle of obtaining a seminar pass, so we will no longer require the seminar passes. There will be plenty of seating for everyone – there’s no need to wait in line for a seminar pass or to get into a seminar. Enjoy the show and then head down for all the seminars of your choosing. We will start seating for each seminar 20 minutes before it is scheduled to begin so you don’t need to spend your day waiting in line – just come on down and grab a seat.


The garden show would like to thank the King County Master Gardeners for partnering with the show and providing volunteer support for the seminar rooms. When you see their volunteers, give them your thanks!


It’s a really terrific lineup of speakers this year (if I do say so myself), and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the seminars. If you want to check out the entire seminar schedule, click here

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