“Romance Blossoms” Theme Garden

“Romance Blossoms” Theme Garden

 Introducing the Show’s Theme Garden 

A feature we’ve done in the past is called the “Show Theme Garden.” The Theme Garden is a Display Garden produced and created by the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. The garden designed to best exemplify our theme, which happens to be “Romance Blossoms” this year.


A photo of some of the blooms on the garden floor right now, ready to go in “Romance Blossoms,” the Show’s own theme garden.

This year’s theme garden will be the perfect romantic spot. Perfect for… dare I say.. proposing? The plantings will consist of colorful pink, red, and white azaleas, hydrangeas, fuchsias, and dicentra (Bleeding Hearts, of course). There will also be plenty of evergreens and ferns surrounding the thousands and thousands of bulbs in this garden. We went all out this year, trust me.


The stone fountain from Seattle Solstice being installed for the Theme Garden during 2015 NWFGS building.

A few people are helping out with aspects of the garden. Seattle Solstice, a commercial stone and fountain company, will have a few sculpture pieces along with a 10,000 pound marble stone fountain. It will be on the edge of the garden so everyone can touch and play with it! Seattle Solstice is known for their commercial work with large companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and many others in the Seattle area. Their project can take as little at 12 weeks, or as long as a year and a half to make their sculptures.

Another notable contributor is Terra Firma Hardscapes. Terra Firma Hardscapes will be the main labor planting and setting up the structural elements of the garden. They also will be providing a few native plants (sarcaccoa, mahonia, etc) for more greenery to balance all the color in the garden.

The Pond Store is a past garden creator and is helping to install a huge waterfall into the garden. From my rough measurements of what’s being built right now, the falls are easily about seven feet wide! They are using rocks provided by our sponsor Marenakos Rock Center to create their masterpiece. The Pond Store is from Sumner, near Windmill Gardens Nursery. It would be amiss if I weren’t to mention the fantastic forcing program Windmill Gardens has provided for us. Not only did they help force blooms for our garden, but all other 22 gardens too.

The Theme Garden will greet you as soon as you enter the garden floor, so make sure you stop and smell the flowers with your sweetheart. -Courtney

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