Responses to the Closing of the Show: Artists

Responses to the Closing of the Show: Artists

boybutterfly.jpgRecently, I had to make the sad announcement that unless a buyer can be found, this year will be the last Northwest Flower and Garden Show. I was not the only one upset. People have been vocal about several things. Some about their sadness, some saying “I can’t imagine” and still others with their thoughts on how the show needs to refocus and get back more basics (plants, of course) versus garden furniture and garden art. There were many comments over at Garden Rant. In addition, the Seattle PI article generated comments.

I haven’t seen as much visible reaction from the art community and the vendors that regularly rent a booth at the show. I assumed that many artists are fairly dependent on the revenue they receive from selling at the show. And the reporter in me of course had to stick my nose further in the garden dirt and find out more. Here are a couple of comments from artists.

“It’s hard to imagine a year with out the Flower and Garden show in Seattle. Over the years I have experienced the show as a visitor and more recently as an exhibitor and each year the show gets better and better and I take home a few new ideas to try in the garden. The display gardens feature an amazing array of local creativity, I’ve always wondered how they are able to plan such large scale installations and then actually pull it off in such a short time. The show has also been a great place to meet local artists and bring home wonderful garden art, along with all those plants, to make your garden space complete. It’s a bit sad to think that this may be the last time that all of this local/regional talent may be under one roof.”  Darcy

 “The Flower Show closure brings a forest metaphor to light – pardon the pun. When one of the big trees in the forest comes to the end of its life span and dies, it opens up the canopy to let light shine on the forest floor, giving the little saplings and young plants a chance to grow big and strong. I guess, it’s the equivalent of ‘When one door closes, another opens.’ I’m not worried, something will take its place. We are the Evergreen State after all!” Janit

The good news is that after the news hit the airwaves, the show did get four inquiries. Here’s hoping that one of those results in a sale.

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