Preventing “What the $%^#@” Gardening

Preventing “What the $%^#@” Gardening

 Stop mistakes before they happen! 

Gardening disasters can take many forms, yet they all have one thing in common – no one wants them! These four seminars at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show will help you avoid a possible disaster, with some knowledge, know-how and planning. Be prepared! If you want to avoid “aftermath,” then an ounce of prevention from these top speakers will be worth it.

Whether you’re trying to avoid your house from sliding off a cliff (that can’t be good), or simply want to steer clear of planting garden treasures that die on you – repeatedly – don’t miss the masters of avoiding disaster. Amanda Thomsen, Andrew Keys, Meghan Fuller and Elliott Menashe all aim to help you never have to utter discouraging words as you survey your garden. (Click on their names to get their full bio and seminar schedule.)

With over 100 stellar seminars to choose from, you’re going to need to clone yourself. Log on to our seminar schedule and plot your strategy to squeeze in as many seminars as possible. Not to mention the 70 author book signings we’ve got lined up for you to line your gardening library shelf.

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My tip – get the Two-Day Pass! At only $24 for two days at the show, it leaves you with time to see everything, and still have plenty of time for seminars. (But then, I’m totally biased.) ~ Janet

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