Preserving Garden Memories

Preserving Garden Memories

Heritage ProjectWhere are your photos? Mine are on my computer, and there they stay unless we are printing them for scrap booking, baby books, etc. Rarely do we keep actual photo albums anymore and I am willing to bet that my family is in the majority.

Heritage Makers helps cement those picture memories into beautiful mementos that make an excellent gift or treasured keepers for your own family. Whether it is a beautifully bound book, poster, card or digital scrapbook, it’s easy to make them and surprisingly low-cost. Please meet Bianca Szyperski, the Heritage Maker Director for Washington State.

Flora-Heritage Makers has been in business for only a year and a half and has 4500 consultants. Wow! What’s fun about the company?

Bianca-For me, selling Heritage Makers is so much more than a “selling job”. I have an insecurity of standing in front of people talking and direct selling companies have a bad rep so I never thought that I would work for one. But I met the co-founder of this company, Dr. Sharon Murdoch, before the company even launched officially. I immediately saw the ground floor opportunity and the incredible product. The redemptive value of these books is incredible! The really FUN thing for me now is working together with some incredible women who see the same thing in Heritage Makers. The business attracts incredibly smart women and we are working together. My biggest passion is for the story making….but quickly following that is really building a team of likeminded people. It’s also fun to find new ways of incorporating these books into other businesses such as flower shops, retirement homes and more. I also enjoy developing other creative selling outlets such as storybooking classes.

Flora– Are sales also conducted through home and garden parties?

Bianca-We do a lot of one-on-one sales, but we also love home and garden parties and sell our products that way. People can earn free products that way so it is a fun experience for all. We also offer local workshops twice a month for free. People join us with their laptops and we sit together and “scrapbook” the modern way.

Flora-Can people make a book (or other product) on the website?

Bianca-Absolutely! I have a lot of customers who find my website, open up a free account and then create their projects. Most of the people don’t need any help with it and they can order their project right from the website.

Flora– What is your goal for the NW Flower & Garden Show?

Bianca– Even though our first focus for the Show is to display how to create beautiful books about people’s journey in their yard-we are very passionate about any kind of storytelling and especially leaving a legacy.

Flora-Tell me more about storytelling?

Bianca– I think in a way we all have forgotten about “our story”. Especially these days, people are becoming more interested about their Heritage and leaving something behind for others. Making a book can also be healing and therapeutic.

Flora-What are the benefits of leaving a legacy?

Bianca-I see it over and over again. If kids receive a book if that has something to do with their ancestors-they are all over it. They would much rather pick that book to cuddle up in the evening with their parents then a popular, or even classic, book. They also want to carry it everywhere and share their “story”. They are very proud!

Flora-Why should we choose Heritage for a project?

Bianca– Because your stories and the pictures need to find a home! In addition:

  • We have a large variety of fun products, including books, posters, cards, calendars and more.
  • Our books are library bound
  • You have a personal consultant who can help you every step of the way.
  • You can join a community of local Storybookers or Scrapbookers with our local workshops
  • We have drag-and-drop technology for designing
  • We have pre-designed templates and over 30,000 pieces of artwork, with more added monthly
  • It is super easy to create on the Heritage, state-of-the-art digital system!
Heritage’s Show Special: With the first book purchased, customers will receive a month of the Premier Subscription for free (note: subscription not necessary to create projects). There will also be a drawing for a beautiful free book. Visit Heritage Makers at booth #2337.
  • Clemens
    Posted at 16:45h, 05 February Reply

    I have done a book with Bianca and was very much surprised how easy and smooth the process is. The Heritage Makers online designer is amazing – and, once you like your book design and content, that you get a high-quality book in the mail after just clicking a few times is wonderful.

  • Flora
    Posted at 12:29h, 06 February Reply

    Thanks Clemens for posting about your experience with Bianca. Much appreciate it!

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