Potting at Molbaks

Potting at Molbaks

(c) Karen ChapmanKaren Chapman from Le Jardinet Designs just sent me a picture from her recent seminar. She knew I loved the colors in this second pot I saw her make at the NW Flower and Garden Show so she sent this one for me to “oooo and ahhh” at. I did, of course.

I asked her about the beautiful apricot flower and she said “I think you must mean the Primabella Primrose. Actually both the primroses are that type and the color is called Apricot Shades. That basically means that the seed is a mix of shades within that color family so no two flowers are identical. I particularly like them as they look more natural than the screaming hot pink etc, have burgundy flushed leaves (which works well with the color scheme) and are perennial in my garden despite abuse and neglect! There are other shades available too. I seem to remember there was a mix of white/soft pinks (at Molbaks).”

Do you see what Karen does with the layers of the plants? This is a key to any good container. Tall in the back, medium in the center and the shorter plants in the front. Notice that there are no gaps in those layers-which means there are more than three layers. And it’s a very smooth transition from one to another which means the eye doesn’t break from the display and wander elsewhere before taking it all in. And taking in the full picture is essential to our good impression of the display.

I am seeing more yellow this year. How about you? Both at the show and in gardens around the Northwest. I like it-reminds me of SUN.

Happy potting!

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