Plants for the Season

Plants for the Season

Grandma D’s Wreath Apparently Jasmine is all ready for the holidays. She writes both about choosing a Christmas tree to chop down and all about poinsettias in recent posts.

I, on the other hand, although a little excited about the holidays, haven’t even started with getting a tree or some needed decorations to replace old ones, or gifts. As soon as I start to think about gifts-my mind shuts down. LOL. I did grab something for my mom at an art show for her garden-it was so obviously her. And I do have something for both brothers and their families. But that’s it. The kids have their requests ready and I have given them the usual speech, “you aren’t getting all of those, you know”, and still the lists hang on the refrigerator.

I thought that I might have time to breathe after Thanksgiving, but I wasn’t planning on a computer crash and some other things in my life going haywire. My daughter’s band concert tomorrow opens the season of school programs and holiday cheer. So maybe after that I will get some more gumption to actually complete what I’m excited about.

Are you planning on incorporating plants into your holiday décor? I do have a fresh wreath and centerpiece from Grandma D’s/Wreaths Direct. Both smell delightful. They have fresh noble firs, pine cones and juniper berries within the wreath. (Enter w0834 for free USA shipping) And I do we might purchase some poinsettias for the mantel-as long as the kids and the cats don’t eat them-and of course there is a tree to consider.

What plants will you be enjoying this holiday season? Anyone have a Christmas Cactus?

  • Jeremy @ CGT
    Posted at 16:55h, 01 December Reply

    We haven’t gotten started on our tree either 😉
    I just saw a Christmas Cactus in the store and was admiring it. I really like them and, now that I’m reading this, am considering getting one next time we are out even more so now…

    We usually get poinsettias and a nice decorative wreath for the door. And yes, the tree! That will be going up shortly too (we use a synthetic one though…not real fond of the cut em down, although they do smell great;)

  • Flora
    Posted at 16:03h, 02 December Reply

    Oh good-I’m not the only one. 🙂 What color does your cactus bloom? Thanks for reading! ~Flora

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