Planting a Flower Pot

Planting a Flower Pot


(c) JBH It was my seven-year-old’s turn to do a garden project, and we couldn’t resist the dollar plants outside our local pharmacy. Why do they have to make it so darn easy to plant? Just kidding-it’s a good thing.

He chose all the plants and stayed in the color scheme of pink, purple and white. I was pretty impressed with his choices. Then home we went as we already had a pot from last year to re-use, potting soil, gravel and gloves.

We washed the planter from last year with hose water and a scrub brush to make it pretty again.

We plugged the hole that needed it with a large rock that had been kicking around the yard.

We filled the planter three quarters of the way with potting soil (after mom put her gloves on).

Then, leaving the flowers in their pots from the store, we arranged(c) JBH them a few different ways until we found the order that he was cool with.

One at a time, we took the flowers from their plastic homes (poor, root-bound things) and loosened the roots at the bottom.

We pushed aside soil in the new pot and made a hole for each plant.

After all the plants were placed, we took our little shovel and added more potting soil around the plants. We both patted the soil down around each plant.

I pulled the pot to where we wanted it on the deck. He watered the pot, and the deck.

We cleaned up our supplies and swept the dirt off the deck.

He wants to know if they’ve grown yet.

Soon, baby, soon.

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