Plant Sale of the Season

Plant Sale of the Season

Look for tables laden with cool and unusual plants at the NHS Fall Plant Sale

September is here and that means the acclaimed Northwest Horticultural Society’s Fall Plant Sale is right around the corner. Right now you should be outside with notepad and pen, making notes of all the plants that didn’t thrill you this past season, and need to be replaced with something that works better for you. Once your notebook is full, head on down to the NHS Fall Plant Sale. It will be held on Friday, September 17 from noon to 6:00 pm, and Saturday, September 18 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. The sale is in the spacious (and often breezy) Hanger 30 of Warren G. Magnusson Park, 7400 Sand Point Way in Seattle.  I’ll be there on Friday, volunteering in the Plant Hold area, scoping out everyone’s new treasures and stocking up on my own. (My list of what no longer thrills me is very long.)

There's always a fine selection of ornamental grasses at the sale

This plant sale is the biggest and the best of the fall season, with 30 participating vendors plus tables with members’ donations laden with cool plants. And as most everyone knows (and the garden writing intelligentsia keeps reminding us) fall is the best time for planting. The trees, shrubs and perennials that go in the ground in autumn have a chance to put on new root growth and become established well before water becomes scarce next summer.  (At least that’s the theory. The plant roots follow the plan; you never know about the weather.  I mean really. Rain in August?)

Smart shoppers bring their own carts & wagons to the NHS Fall Plant Sale!

The NHS Fall Plant sale will be welcoming many specialty vendors from around the Northwest, and they will be bringing plants you sure won’t find in the big box stores. There’s too many to list here, but here are a few as a teaser: Far Reaches Farm, specializing in unusual perennials and bulbs, along with some woodies and alpines; Keeping it Green Nursery, with hardy orchids, woodlanders, and hard-to-find natives; Naylor Creek Nursery, specializing in hostas, epimediums, asarums, cimicifugas and other notable shade perennials; The Desert Northwest, with cold-hardy desert plants, Southern Hemisphere plants and sutropicals; Wind Poppy Farm & Nursery, bringing grasses, sedges, rushes, water plants, and perennial; and Bouquet Banque Nursery, which always offers a fine selection of rare and unusual perennials.

If you want to have a really great time to go along with your shopping, sign up to volunteer at the plant sale. There are jobs for people of all skills and strengths, and you get to know many friendly, knowledgeable plant lovers. Contact NHS at [email protected] or call 206-780-8172 to be connected with the plant sale volunteer coordinator. I’m sure you’ll find that you’ll want to return year after year to volunteer, because if you’re a plant addict, you’ll discover that you’re among friends.

For more information on the plant sale or directions to Magnuson Park, go to the NHS website at – Janet

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