Pea Update 2

Pea Update 2

Oregon Sugar Pod II courtesy of Ferry MorseWell, my garden has had little sun so far, and I know that you can sympathize with me. And I am disappointed in the lack of progress for the organic peas. They are just now poking their heads out, although the non-organic ones did long ago. Is there something in the non-organic seeds that makes them grow more quickly? Hmmm. Since they were planted the same day and given the exact same elements, including the same dirt, I must wonder. Why can’t there be an ingredient label on seeds? LOL.

My youngest, who helped plant, is not disappointed at all. He (c) jbhrounded the house on a dead run the other day to yell that the peas were growing and asked how long it would be until it is time to eat them. Waiting is always the hardest part of course. He asked three times to water them, and I finally let him, in spite of the fact that we have had nothing but rain here in the northwest for a couple of weeks. He is just so excited to garden every year and I hope that what I teach him now will help him cultivate his own plot of land someday. Maybe he will even call me with questions like I do to my mom. Maybe someday I’ll have a partner to go to the garden shows with!

Guess I better get us through the pea-growing first!

I know that I took a risk even planting cool weather crops, but my friend Dave down the road who has an absolutely marvelous garden with walkways, antiques, home-made swings and more (I will post pics for you later in the spring) still has his starts in the greenhouse and is playing it a little safer. I know that he and his wife Lou are itching to get on it and will soon, and when they do their garden will again be an incredible experience. This year, I will share it with you.

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