Pea Progress

Pea Progress

(c) JBHWe did it! My youngest and his friend and I planted peas in the garden. We are trying one section of the regular, Lilly Miller Oregon Sugar Pod II and one of the Lilly Miller Organic Sugar Snap. I can’t wait to cultivate, taste and let you know my favorite. Shall we take bets? Flora LOVES organic produce but I have never tried these ones.

For those of you here in the Northwest, you know that the weather(c) JBH has been insane. We have had snow within the past two weeks, as well as rain, hail and a little bit of sun. This morning we awoke to frozen ground yet again but you wouldn’t know it now-the sun is glorious and even warm. Yippee!

I also planted Lilly Miller Organic Bibb Lettuce (Butterhead) for the first time so we will also let you know how that one goes.

How is your to-do list coming along? Getting anything planted was an accomplishment for me-how about you? But it put me in SUCH a good mood as always. But of course before I could plant, I had to weed a little (I grow my veggies in containers so not a lot of weeding-thank goodness as that is my least fav part and the hardest on my bod) and do some soil testing to figure out WHY my tomatoes refuse to grow in that soil.

I still need to put my grow light away as everything will head outside soon and this year I seriously need a new pair of garden gloves. My blue ones have hung in there so long and I have so guarded them from running away (plight of having children). I need to weed the strawberries which are finally poking out (NOT in a container) and find a way to take better care of my crocus’ out front. My kids are having a garage sale on Saturday and I am hoping to get rid of some excess planters that have piled up and maybe some other gardening items that I no longer need. You know that stuff that just…collects.

CAN YOU HELP ME? Here’s my challenge. My flowering Japanese plum tree has moss all over it. Is it enough to just peel it off or should I be doing something else? If anyone knows for sure, I would be forever grateful for your knowledge.

Happy Sunny Days!


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