Opening Day

Opening Day

A Spring Day - Grass Gardens NW, Photo Courtesy of HeBlogsSheBlogs.comOpening Day slammed me with the incredible fragrance of nature as I walked onto the showroom floor today. There is no better perfume and it was intoxicating as I stood, and breathed deeply-and breathed deeply again. The fact that I could smell it even before hitting the showroom floor was a tantalizing reason to move quickly into the wonders of the gardens.

And there the sights and sounds became a balm to my soul.

Sounds from the gardens? Yes, they are there. The movement on the floor was almost reverent as people chatted and walked, and the natural garden songs were at a comfortable level-but never a background. Water cascading over rocks, sprinkler systems emitting a quiet hiss and crackles of the faux fires within the firepits of the displays became an essential part of a soothing picture as I stood and gazed at the handiwork of so many people.

I wasn’t the only one gazing. Eightly percent of the viewers that I watched also stopped conversing and all activity to contemplate the showpieces before them.

In spite of the various ribbons and medals awarded by judges, I liked every garden and it was obvious that each one was not only put together by professionals, but created with the utmost attention to detail, beauty and impact.

Kudo’s to all the participants-you all get a Flora Ribbon (for what it’s worth) and to show organizers-who continue to display much professionalism and care in their choosing of companies to bring you and I the best of the Northwest Best.

Enjoy our guest bloggers-I sure am! And please stay tuned for more Flora meanderings tomorrow.

Did you attend the show today? Please comment and let me know what YOUR first impressions were when you walked in.

  • Deborah Burns
    Posted at 11:07h, 24 February Reply

    My first impresssion was after I had my half of the show ticket handed back to me at the door and as I walked through the door….the scent of flowers!

    Sounds cliche, but I really noticed the differnece as I walked through, and I made sure that I had little “scent breaks” as I moved throught the display gardens and found my favorites, daphnes, and viburnums. By Friday evening some of the “nose level” fragrant plants were showing some wear from so many people pausing to enjoy their frangrance!

  • Deborah Burns
    Posted at 12:53h, 27 February Reply

    Flora, I really liked the photo you attached to this post, so much that when I went back to the show a second time, I made sure to take a similar one! Nice little vingnette!

  • Flora
    Posted at 20:07h, 02 March Reply

    Thanks Deborah. Glad you got to go a second time and hope you got a great pic. Way cool. ~Flora

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