October Interesting Garden Tidbits

October Interesting Garden Tidbits

Anne Lovejoy provides information on making mini greenhouses to protect your plants from frost. Good idea, Anne!

Chris Smith provides a lovely true and false questionnaire in regards to what you know about gardening in the fall in the northwest. Test your knowledge! It’s very informative.

About.com Gardening Guide, Marie Iannotti, talks about how to keep deer from munching on your plants. Or in my case, elk.

In this blog, you will see some wonderful garden photography that includes some spider web art.

Here is a list of houseplants that are extremely hard-to-kill. Come on, you know you want to look!

Muck About talks about how to protect your garden when very strange neighbors move in next door.

The Berry Botanical Garden in Portland has a cool virtual tour on their homepage. 

See Joe Gardener’s new lawn! It was made without chemicals and is gorgeous. Congrats Joe!

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