Northwest Horticultural Society’s 2008 Show Garden: Eat Your Vegetables – Garden to Table

Northwest Horticultural Society’s 2008 Show Garden: Eat Your Vegetables – Garden to Table

BeetsMany gardeners’ entrée to ornamental gardening is via the vegetable patch. I on the other hand, came to the garden almost exclusively from an ornamental perspective. After the purchase of my home, I found myself captivated by plants and focused on the creation of a garden devoted to playing with them and learning how to combine them in pleasing ways.

However, I’ve recently relaxed my relentless focus on ornamental gardening, and have undergone an awakening of sorts to the pleasures and creative possibilities of growing food.

hot pepperSure, I want to eat fresh, organic food, but I’m increasingly focused on how my culinary choices affect our environment and want to do my part to decrease the ecological impact of my diet by eating more locally; so I grow what I can, and I buy from the local farmers market when it’s open. Plus, I’ve found it’s just downright enjoyable to harvest & prepare food from my own plot!

Lest you think I’m ready to give up beauty for the platter, nay, ‘tis not true. I want to have my cuke and eat it too – a garden that incorporates edibles, but does so in an artful way. So it was with great delight that I noticed that one of this year’s display gardens at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show is focusing on just this theme.

Eat Your Vegetables – Garden to Table

presented by The Northwest Horticulture Society

Perhaps you have a patio or deck for your garden space, or maybe you’re a condo- or apartment-dweller gardening in containers, or you might have the space for a formal French potager: this show garden promises to help you learn how to integrate edibles into your garden, whatever its size.

To learn more about the display gardens, and whet your appetite for what their creators have in store for us, cruise on over to this full listing of the 2008 Show Gardens.cabbage

  • Kristen
    Posted at 22:17h, 13 December Reply

    I could stand to learn a lot, I always seem to give up by mid summer and resume buying them from the grocery store. I found you through the Exploring Adoption blog!

  • Jean Campbell
    Posted at 17:49h, 14 December Reply

    Where are the photos of the 2007 Garden Show? I find info on 2008, and archives of 2006, 2005, and 2004. I live many hundreds of miles away and will not likely ever see the shows in person. I do like to see the photos!

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