NEW THIS YEAR: City Living

NEW THIS YEAR: City Living

 Introducing Our New City Living Displays 

A shot of City Living moving in on the Skybridge of the Convention Center. Thee tiny spaces will inspire for small space gardens!

In past years, we’ve had 16 small space container gardens on the Skybridge at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. They were ideal for gardeners who enjoyed smaller gardens and containers. This year though, we really want to enforce the idea that people can still garden, even with just a porch or a balcony.

Called City Living, it will be staged on the Skybridge spanning Pike Street, and will include mock balconies. We want to inspire and demonstrate just how creative container plantings can be in a small space. The spaces are 8 feet by 14 feet, about average for a balcony. These masterpieces will show off intimate outdoor living spaces for relaxing and entertaining. Expect to see vertical wall planters, bold plant combinations, lavish textural accents, cozy seating, containers and even water features.

City Living Displays

The mock balconies are on loan from Mutual Materials and walls are from Ballard Reuse. A special thanks to them for making this possible!
As someone who’s lived in a tiny apartment with a balcony, I am so excited to see what inspiration these tiny spaces bring. The coziness and romance of a balcony is highly underestimated, hopefully we will see the best of it. -Courtney

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