Music Line Up for the 2014 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Music Line Up for the 2014 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes









We are looking forward to having some great new musical acts for your enjoyment this year at the 2014 Northwest Flower & Garden Show. From Wednesday morning through Sunday evening enjoy music for all ages in the Festive South Lobby, four times daily. Take a look at our brief summaries and bring your dancing shoes to the show if you’d like.

5Th Ave Theater– Performers from our local theater signing songs from beloved plays.

Broadway Bound– Young talent from up and coming 5-18 year olds that light up the stage.

Captain Smartypants– A vocal comedy group that’s sure to keep you on your toes and laughing out loud.

Cascade Cutups– Local bluegrass group inspired by 1950’s and beyond to create harmony filled folk music.

Jose Gonzalez Trio– Deep jazz trio that migrates to pop and funk from the Pacific Northwest.

Julian Catford– Seattle Flamenco/ gypsy guitarist and Northwest Flower & Garden Show returning performer.

Miles & Katrina-Two powerful Seattle musicians who play an abundance of instruments for your listening pleasure.

Nedlda Swigget– Renown Seattle jazz artist with a new album coming out in March

Primo Basso– Local band that combines Italian, American, Euro and Swing for flavorful fun.

Redeker-A brother/ sister duo who perform a mixture of pop, rock, jazz, folk for a new spin on music.

Scott Lindemuth Trio– New takes on old jazz favorites as well as originals performed.

Seattle Songwriters In The Round– Tim Davidson, Gary Milici and Steve Church combine a great voice & instruments to make songs that’ll get your toes tapping.

Sensible Shoes– A portion of the Seattle Women’s Chorus keeping pop and jazz lighthearted and fun.

Susi Hussong– Harpist musician ensured to move and invigorate you.

Total Experience– One of most soulful Gospel Choirs in the Pacific Northwest.

Victoria Salmon-Alaskan singer/songwriter who plays original songs on the piano.

Windsong– Great group of musicians playing classic and contemporary easy listening for your enjoyment.

Wiretappers– An eclectic mix of artists and instruments combine to create a mix of western, swing and folk music.

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