More New Exhibitors Coming to Garden Show Marketplace

More New Exhibitors Coming to Garden Show Marketplace

My colleague Linda Knudsen, Exhibit Manager for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, continues to sign up terrific new exhibitors for the Marketplace in the upcoming show. She’s given me another exciting list of new artisans, photographers, and garden products businesses that will be tempting you next February. (Here’s an earlier blog on other 2012 new exhibitors.) With the show just days before Valentine’s Day, the show is a wonderful place to buy a gift for your garden-loving sweetheart.


Kristin Simpson Design

Kristin Simpson of Kristin Simpson Design, is an award-winning local artist based in Kirkland, WA. After many years as an artist in other mediums, she started her journey in lampworked bead making in 1999 and has explored many aspects of glass design. She has recently been producing art that combines multiple mediums (ceramic, metalwork and glass) and her newest creations are whimsical garden flowers, along with earrings and vases. Each item that Kristin makes is unique and personal; every piece is one-of-a kind.


Viscosity Glass

Scott Graham and Cristy Aloysi began their glass blowing careers in New York City. The challenge of forming beautiful handmade objects out of this molten material captivated them. In 2002 they moved to Seattle, the center of the American Glass Movement and Viscosity Glass was created. The beauty of their pieces is that no two are alike; each has been carefully shaped by hand by the artists creating a uniqueness that cannot be imitated by machine. Look for their colorful glass gloves and floats and contemporary bowls and vases at the show.


Suzanne Garofalo

Suzanne Garofalo is a Northwest jewelry design company that creates pieces that combine beauty, wearability and value. She grew up in New Jersey and worked in an office for many years. In 2002, after repairing a broken necklace, she was inspired to pursue her dream of working creatively and launched Suzanne Garofalo Design. Suzanne now loves to spend time in the woods and fields surrounding her Whatcom County home. She collects bits of lichen, bark, stone, flower petals and leaves, finding inspiration in the amazing variety of textures and colors created by nature.



Fishman Botanical Portraits

The stunning beauty of Fishman Botanical Portraits will amaze you. Award-winning local photographer David Fishman takes plant portraits in exquisite detail and vivid colors, revealing plants in ways rarely seen by a gardener. David often photographs rare and unusual botanicals, many grown in his own garden, as well as common plants at different stages of development. Then he painstakingly layers hundreds of images and creates the dramatic black background to create a vivid, almost 3-D portrait. These are captivating photos that will surprise and mesmerize you! David’s photography brings out Mother Nature in the most remarkable way!


Primo Vision

Bob Gertz has always been fascinated with photography. When he was in his teens his brother opened a frame shop, which led him to an interest in fine art as well. Eventually art and photography became a profession and a passion. In 2002 Primo Vision was born, and is based in Phoenix, Arizona. Now Bob travels around the world, photographing aged doorways and windows, oceans and boats, sweeping landscapes, and colorful flowers and wildlife.


LaGrave Designs

Seattle’s Dawn LaGrave, owner of LaGrave Designs, brings you unique kaleidoscope art created from photos of buildings, monuments, flowers and everyday objects. Starting from a photo, she creates intricate patterns using a computer application. A ‘slice’ of the photo is selected and then replicated 16 or 20 times to create the final image. Different elements from the image are layered together to create a 3-dimentional, multilayered effect. The final piece of art is mounted in a shadow box. Custom work is also welcome, so you can turn that memorable photo of a vacation, wedding, or special place into a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.


Tim Boyer Photography

Tim Boyer has been a photographer since high school, and a birder since college. Shortly after college, armed with a 33mm camera and a job as a mountain guide/climbing instructor, he began leading trips to Mexico, Ecuador and Alaska. Then he began making and selling his mountain landscape images, and Tim Boyer Photography was born. In 2001 his love of photography and birding finally collided, and he has focused on bird images ever since. While his primary focus in the last decade has been birds, he also is fascinated with close-up images of flowers. The color, textures, patterns and forms in flowers allow a creativity that surpasses what he can do with birds (plus the flowers don’t fly off).



Wild Birds Unlimited in Gig Harbor

At Wild Birds Unlimited in Gig Harbor, owner Jim Ullrich and his team are passionate about birds and nature. Jim started the store in 1993 and is excited to not only be a new exhibitor at the 2012 show, but also a show Speaker. Jim will be sharing his best tips in his seminar“Developing a Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary: How to Invite Mason Bees & Birds into Your Garden” (Wed, Feb 8 at 6:45 pm & Fri, Feb 10 at 6:45 pm / DIY Stage).  Jim (whose favorite bird is the Belted Kingfisher) loves to share his backyard bird feeding enthusiasm, so it’s sure to be a hit. WBU in Gig Harbor is your one-stop shop for all your bird feed and supplies, including seed, suet, feeders, poles, water supplies, mason bee houses, bird stationary, art and clothes, and yes, even squirrel food for those who love to feed squirrels – if only to keep them out of the bird food.


Bob Bowling Rustics

The charming garden sheds and chicken coops from Bob Bowling Rustics are going to give you a serious case of shed envy. You will fall in love with these unique structures from Whidbey Island artist Bob Bowling. From sheds to playhouses, greenhouses to chicken coops, garden chapels to outbuildings, these are charming garden structures that will suit your garden style and provide enclosure to you, your tools or your flock. Each shed is one-of-a-kind, and constructed of recycled and reclaimed materials, built with the owner in mind. They can even incorporate cherished pieces from your own garden for that truly personalized touch.



Gardeners can never have too many tools – especially gloves! Foxgloves, Inc. comes to the rescue for gardeners frustrated by gloves that are bulky and just don’t fit. Based on the design of a perfectly-fitting 1950’s era glove, Foxgloves used modern fabrics for four-way stretch to give their garden gloves a comfortable, snug fit. Now even more delicate tasks, such as sowing small seeds, are easy to do – and easy on your hands. Foxgloves also sells hand tools and copperglass planters.


EcoForms containers

After founding Sweetwater Nursery in 1977 in Northern California, the Loveday-Brown family searched for an alternative to typical black, plastic nursery pots. This led them to the resilient, yet compost-able pots made from renewable grain fibers – EcoForms™ pots. They now produce colorful decorative pots in an assortment of colors, along with a growing range of organic and sustainable gardening products, including mini-Herb kits and organic fertilizers. This is a family with a family of products that is true to their commitment to sustainability and earth-friendly practices.


Travis Industries Tempest Torch

Travis Industries, located in Mukilteo, WA in their ‘House of Fire’ factory, is the creator of the award-winning Tempest Torch.™  Designed as a decorative outdoor lighting furnishing for a wide array of exterior landscape settings, the Tempest Torch provides the ultimate in lighting enhancement. It is a dramatic gas lamp which is uses a natural venturi effect that causes the flame to spiral and dance within the tempered glass walls – without the use of electricity. They have recently unveiled a new tabletop model perfect for outdoor garden living in any size of garden.


Imex Collections

Imex Collections comes from Rattanitem LLC, maker of fine outdoor furniture. This beautifully crafted furniture is fully weather proof, UV resistant, color fast, and chemical and temperature resistant. It’s perfect for keeping outside all year round, no matter the weather. Get your garden and patio ready for a new summer with stylish outdoor seating and dining furniture. It can give your garden a whole new look – without any digging! There is also a wide selection of weather-resistant cushions for the furniture so you can give your new look your personal touch.


Northern Pacific Exteriors windows

Northern Pacific Exteriors helps you bring your beautiful garden indoors with new replacement windows with the ultimate in performance and luxury. After all your hard work on the garden, why not frame it with a beautiful picture window? Not only will you get beauty inside and out, but also warmer winters and cooler summers. Stand out with a stylish new look and be good to the Earth with energy-efficient windows.



These are just a few of the new exhibitors lined up for the 2012 show, which will be heralding Spring in its traditional fashion February 8 – 12, 2012 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. They’ll be there along with over 300 of your favorite nurseries, artists, craftsman, nonprofit organizations and more. It’s all one-stop shopping, featuring the kind of products you’ll want to have in your own home and garden. Combine that with 25 inspirational show gardens and 116 free seminars, and you can see why it’s the 2nd largest garden show in the U.S. and so beloved by many avid gardeners. ~ Janet

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