Cool Crops for Fall

Cool Crops for Fall

Yikes, Flora, I just finished with those!

Ah, but if you and your family love homegrown veggies, then it is an ideal time to start again. With some very special (minimal) care you can at this time start more cool weather crops and enjoy a fall regpeas.jpgharvest. It’s called extending your growing season here in the northwest for as long as you possibly can AND helping your grocery budget AND enjoying more time in the garden. How can you lose with all of those cool incentives?

My second start of Oregon Sugar Peas II went in yesterday and I’m starting lettuce again as well. I think that I am also going to try Bok Choy. Some other cool weather crops that you might want to try are radishes, cabbage, carrots, spinach and broccoli.

Charlie Nardozzi has a great ideas for determining ideal planting time for Fall crops and also recommends some protective measures to keep your starts from getting too warm. Examples are a covering and planting the seeds a little deeper than what the package recommends. And although we normally think of starting plants indoors to keep them warmer early in the season, this also works to maintain a cooler temperature. So click on over there as I highly recommend Charlie’s expertise. With special, special care, he says that even beets and carrots can be harvested in the winter. Wow-that’s really extending the season.

I’m game. How about you?

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