Milk on Veggies

Milk on Veggies


No, I don’t mean put them in a bowl like you might berries, and pour milk all over them (now there’s a thought), I mean using milk as both a fertilizer and a disease preventative for your vegetable plants. Milk has a protein that builds nitrogen and appears to help plants that are prone to disease too.

In particular, tomatoes seem to thrive with this treatment, although I have heard of it working on other veggie plants, too.

Directions differ it seems. Some sources say to mix one part milk to four parts water, and other sources say to mix it 50/50. Many say apply once a week and You Grow Girl’s Gayla Trail says that once a week on tomatoes is not too much (and she mixes the 50/50). Plan on a cup or so of the mixture for each plant. And of course, if you want the best, choose organic milk.

Milk-Fed Pumpkins

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