Martial Arts Great Inspires Chinese Garden

Martial Arts Great Inspires Chinese Garden


 Meditative courtyard recreates ‘Ip Man’ scene 

This will be the first show garden for Iftikhar Ahmed, principle of Treeline Designz International. Treeline Desigz is a landscape, garden design, horticulture and color consulting firm design and consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in energy efficient, sustainable, low maintenance outdoor living gardens.

Iftikhar is drawing his inspiration from the story of the life of Yip Man (also called Ip Man, or Yip Kai-Man; 1893 – 1972), a grandmaster of the martial art Wing Chun. He had many renowned students, one of whom was Bruce Lee. The film, titled “Ip Man” is an award-winning 2008 Hong King semi-biographical martial arts film loosely based on the life of Yip Man.

The Treeline Designz garden will be a serene Chinese residential courtyard. Planned elements thus far include a classic Chinese entrance gate, a bamboo fence, and bamboo plants edging the courtyard for privacy. Look for Chinese culture symbolized in sculptures, lanterns, bonsai, benches and handmade metal prayer wheels. A Chinese house serves as a focal point and backdrop, with a nearby water feature.


Treeline Designz draws its inspiration for a meditative courtyard from the martial arts movie ‘Ip Man.’

There will be many touches in their garden that show attendees can incorporate into their own gardens. Ways to establish Asian culture, establish a private courtyard, relaxing colors and features meant to embody meditative features will be used throughout.

All of the lavish show gardens at the 2013 show will be based in cinematic inspiration. Show attendees will relish the interpretation of film classics in a garden motif. But within these entertaining gardens will be a wealth of creative ideas that can be incorporating into Northwest style gardens, especially ideas for adding sustainable design, family-friendly features and easy outdoor living.

The Northwest Flower & Garden Show, now in its 25th year, is the second largest garden show in the U.S., and the traditional herald of spring for winter-weary gardeners. It will be held February 20 – 24, 2013 at the Washington State Convention Center. Tickets are on sale now. ~ Janet

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