Make the Show Grand!

Make the Show Grand!

Doing the ShowAre you as excited as I am? In a few short days, the Show opens. Make this one the best one ever by noting tips from show-goers and yours truly, who loves shows of all kinds:


  • Get your tickets before you go! This will save you much time and get you right in. You can either order and print them on-line, or order online/via phone and pick them up at Will Call.
  • Look at the seminar schedule ahead of time and plan which ones you can’t do without. Print a floorplan from the website and study it. It will save you time later. Check out the list of exhibitors on the website and try to do the same.
  • If you are driving to the show either from your home or a hotel, print out the directions to save time and frustration.
  • Consider parking near the convention center. Parking is reasonable and your feet will thank you. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt if it is a business trip for you.
  • If traveling, check with your hotel to see if shuttle service to and from the convention center is available or if your hotel is close enough to walk back and forth from. If you don’t have a hotel reserved yet, choose one that offers a show discount. Some also offer a discount on parking and meals.
  • Take advantage of the free, licensed childcare available for show-goers. And don’t forget to give your kids a chance to hit Sproutopia, see the Children’s Gardens and to view the shows at Sprout Stage.
  • Of course, always wear comfortable shoes-and never new ones that are not yet broken in.

doing-the-show2.JPGWHAT TO BRING:

  • Your ticket, maps, directions, hotel and traveling information and list of “must do’s while at the show”.
  • Water to carry with you. And don’t forget to drink it.
  • A bag to collect goodies and purchases in. The best ones have wheels although there are two Package Check areas and one Coat Check area where you can store your things until you go home. They even let you check plants!
  • Cash for vending machines and money for food.
  • Additional batteries, etc for cameras or any equipment.
  • An extra, light layer to wear. The building is kept on the cooler side for the plants.
  • A stroller, if you are bringing young children and not using the childcare facility. Strollers can be checked at Will Call when not in use and the show recommends a child backpack instead during peak hours of 9am-2pm weekdays and all day weekends as maneuvering can be difficult then.
  • A wheelchair if someone in your party is of need of one. Note: the convention center is wheelchair accessible.

Regular show-goers: Please share your top tips for doin’ the show in the Comments area.

Have questions? Here is a list of the most frequently asked ones.

See all show services.

Want to see the current progress of the gardens? A cool webcam is available here.

  • The Cheap Vegetable Gardener
    Posted at 08:10h, 18 February Reply

    Thanks for the tips, I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it but seeing everything there is to do with the kids might be able to make it there with my daughters.

  • Flora
    Posted at 23:39h, 20 February Reply

    Absolutely! Thanks for your input as well. Trust me, your daughters will enjoy themselves just as much as you will. ~Flora

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