Guest Post: Love of Spring in the Air

Guest Post: Love of Spring in the Air

I can still smell the delicious aroma upon entering the main entrance to the 2009 NW Flower & Garden Show. I think the smell was hyacinths.

We first stopped by the Childcare room on the 3rd level to see if Kaitlyn would be willing to spend some time there so I could relax out of mommy mode and fully take in the show. She readily agreed to come back to play after meeting the welcoming ladies.nw09-079.JPGFirst I wanted her to see the display gardens. We were struck by the awesome living walls, the massive conifers (how do they move the root systems?!), the ease of getting around, and again the fresh smell. Even though I’ll never reach the perfection of these scenes created, I’ll incorporate ideas such as the natives like Red Flowering Currant in my yard. The gardens are truly works of art.

The vendors available covered every angle of flowers and gardens almost to the point of ridiculous. Many focused on bringing the beauty of the outdoors in, whether they were indoor rugs, clothing or light switches. We stopped first at booth 1110 (Bitters Company) and grabbed up a recycled flip flop box that will store outdoor toys. We checked those purchases into the Blue Package Check and headed to the Sproutopia kids area. Kaitlyn got to plant a pea seed by standing on the table to scoop her soil-she was thrilled.

After some playing on the artificial turf, we checked Kaitlyn in at the Childcare area for 2 hours and she didn’t want to leave! She painted a small flower pot and a bird, ran around with the other 2 kids in there and was refreshed to take on some gardens.

In the meantime, I bought a flat of herbs, 10 for $30, from N & M Herb Farm, booth 2320. Lee Valley makes a 10 year Gardening Journal that I have wanted but haven’t splurged on since it cost almost $40. I ran into their booth #500 with their signs of 10% off, no tax and free shipping and placed an order for the journal, their vegetable garden plan and a dozen surgical fingernail brushes. I am frugal and found the items I bought to be good deals.

In my second year of gardening, I first fell in love with perennials, then annuals by seed, and now my current obsession, growing our own vegetables year round. I am currently taking the WSU Extension Master Gardener training and am a stay at home Mom of a plant loving 4 year old. We traveled 3 hours to see the show from Port Angeles in a full car with my Mom, older sister and her one year old son, my sister’s friend who is a recent transplant from NY and my daughter.

Get out and embrace the feel of spring, this may be our last show and it shouldn’t be missed!

Guest post provided by Becca and Norm Busch

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