Living Walls at the NW Flower & Garden Show

Living Walls at the NW Flower & Garden Show

Sky is the LimitI am posting live from the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this evening where I am most happy to announce that attendance is up. I first suspected this when the closest parking garages were full. The very nice thing about the convention center is that is has found a way to link to many garages and so even though I parked on 7th, it was a cinch to get in and out of the convention center. But I also had this confirmed by people-in-the-know.


Big this year in the Show Gardens is the theme of living surfaces. While last year we saw a couple of living roofs, this year brought living roofs, living walls and living (yes) tables and sidewalks. And before you ask how you eat using this tables without setting your food right on the grass, the tables are divided into squares and there are squares available to eat from that’s aren’t grassy.


The Grand Daddy Show Garden Winner (more on them tomorrow) was “Sky’s the Limit” from Smith & Hawken. It was created by Rebecca Cole Design and installed by B. Bissell General Contractors, LLC. It won massive awards and had a living wall, living roof, living table and living sidewalks.


Our friend Steve Haizlip from New Leaf Creations created a living wall in his display and emphasized to me that they are an alternative to standard fencing. Wow-that was a great idea. They place the plants while the wall is upright. “All the plants must be shallow root plants to make it work,” he explained and when asked how they are watered, he said that many have a small water system hiding within the wall. (That’s good to hear because I wondered how long they would last if my youngest and I had to water them).


Keep an eye out. We have some great guest posts coming, as well as more from me. It’s not too late to come get your ticket. Tomorrow’s seminar schedule looks awesome, by the way, and my friend Joe Gardener will be on the Monrovia DIY stage at 9:30 AM talking about “The Best of the Must-Haves: Garden gadgets and tools that you need for 2009”.

See you there? (I will beg)

  • Karen
    Posted at 21:46h, 18 February Reply

    I loved the living walls and seriously considered them for my post topic today. 🙂 I do wonder how the home gardener can do something like this without breaking the bank… hidden watering systems are not really in my budget, for sure! Very inspiring visually, though. That was a really mind-blowing garden, more like a piece of art or tapestry than anything else I saw.

  • flora
    Posted at 00:47h, 21 February Reply

    Hey Karen, From what I understand, watering systems are often just piping and therefore can be installed for cheap. Also, a friend told me today that she just sprays her lightly. But I don’t know if that works long-term or not. -Flora

  • Angellaa
    Posted at 04:49h, 24 February Reply

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