Living Green…More Simple Ways

Living Green…More Simple Ways


Green living does not have to be overwhelming. Yes, it must be a conscious step and in most cases, it must be chosen many times in order to become a habit. But as you know, if we keep going as we are, we may not have an earth to stand on one day. For sure, our health as a nation continues to decline and our landfills, although the use of them is somewhat improved, still need help to digest what we so callously toss into them.  Make a positive impact-and raise your kids to do the same.

Here are some more ideas to help us all live more green.

  1. Join green and recycling organizations. FreeCycle exists to help recycle things to other people and prevent landfill accumulation. It is divided by county so when you sign up for your local group, you will only get emails from people giving away things in your area. To date, my family has gained a great blue leather recliner that just needed cleaning and a pet carrier.
  2. Have lots of things? Give them away instead of tossing. Organizations like the ARC will often come out and pick up donations. Goodwill always works. Northwest Center in Seattle uses donations and gives them a good home-check your town for bins set by stores, etc for this purpose.
  3. Simplify. Recently my family and I moved and for a couple of months, many of our things remained in our former home. Surprise! I’m not too anxious to take a lot of it back-I’ve discovered that we can actually live with a lot less than what I thought. So when we do clean out the other house, much of it will be recycled and passed on. This includes the book collection that I always thought I wanted to have.
  4. Grow. How can you both simplify and grow? Get rid of everything you do not need. But for things you do need, such as food, find eco-friendly ways to provide those things. Try to buy food items grown locally, for instance. Look for local wines when choosing a selection. And support local bakeries and farms. It may take a little work and a little adaptation, but by not buying items that have to travel cross-country, you are indeed helping your world and yourself.
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