It was a Shopping Bonanza at the Garden Show!

It was a Shopping Bonanza at the Garden Show!


There was a hope of spring in buying plants and garden accessories at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, as evidenced by the action at the exhibitor booths on the first day – despite the snowy weather! The range of plant material for sale astonished: several interesting selections of angel’s fishing rods (Dierama) at Edelweiss Perennials, amazing Crocosmia at Far Reaches Farm and one of my favorite broadleaf evergreens – Drimys lanceolata – at Dig Floral & Garden. A group of nurseries offered everything from perennials to (I love this conifer) the Japanese umbrella pine (Sciadopitys verticillata) at the booth sponsored by WSNLA (Washington State Nursery & Landscape Association). The Plant Market was amazing! It was a good thing they the show had three package check locations.


Beautiful linens like these from Italian Country Home & Kitchen can always brighten a room.

The lovely hand-stamped linens and exquisite papers and cards at Italian Country Home and Kitchen reminded me of our trip last October to Tuscany – except I think the prices are better here. The tea towels are durable and beautifully stenciled, and the cards – well, let’s just say I stocked up. You could also find a French accent for your home and garden décor at the French Note Card & Gift Co.


Could I rationalize another pair of earrings? You bet I could. Nature’s Creations creates gold and silver leaf jewelry – I looked seriously at the oak leaves (not full size). But wait – there was even more fabulous earrings from Jana Cooper and the vintage look from the Lisa Toland Collection.


Seriously, it was time to shop. In March spring will be here in ernest and so will my credit card bill. Oh well. It was worth it!


Marty Wingate is a garden writer and author of 3 books:  The Bellevue Botanical Garden: Celebrating the First 15 Years (BBGS, 2007); Big Ideas for Northwest Small Gardens (Sasquatch, 2003); and The Big Book of Northwest Perennials (Sasquatch, 2005). Read her blog at Photo by Marty Wingate.- Janet

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