Interview with Robin Haglund, Garden Mentors

Interview with Robin Haglund, Garden Mentors

Please meet Robin Haglund, of Garden Mentors! She’s a great gal with a heart for both gardening and kids.

Flora-Tell us about your class that you will teach at the show.

Robin– My Sproutopia stage sessions, “Wonderful Way of Worms” are designed to introduce kids and families to vermicomposting (aka using worms to eat garbage and create great compost material for the garden). I find that kids get really excited by worm bins and all the creatures that live together within them. They love that the worms will eat garbage, and their enthusiasm gets their parents past any “oh yuck worms” adult perspectives.

In these sessions, everyone will have the chance to play with some worms to learn that the worms are not only harmless but helpful. And kids will get a chance to help me sort through some garbage (nothing nasty, I promise) to sort out what belongs in the worm bin, what goes into recycling and what little bit goes into the trash can.

Plus, I’ll bring some finished vermicompost so we can take a look at what comes out in the end. I plan to have a couple of worm bins for families to examine as well as some take-home sheets to provide fun coloring games for kids and worm bin resource information for the whole family. This session is about a hands-on experience with worms and waste. Don’t come expecting a dull lecture!

worms.jpgFlora- What is your favorite part about teaching kids?

Robin-Kids love to be outdoors and they love to get dirty. What gardener doesn’t appreciate that? Children learn faster than adults and are enthusiastic about everything in the garden. And, they ask the most challenging questions. Last year I was outside transplanting a small seedling with a 3 year old who pointed at the ground and asked, “What’s that?” My first, adult reaction, was “That’s mulch”. The answer she was looking for was, “That’s the earth-the planet we live on”. Hers is the perfect example of how children challenge me in the garden. They may be looking for a very simple answer, but by learning from the ground-up they present me with an opportunity to create a generation of horticulturally-aware gardeners. Plus, they take their enthusiasm home, inspiring and driving their parents to get grounded in the garden.

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