Interesting Garden Tidbits 3

Interesting Garden Tidbits 3

Ciscoe says if you’ve noticed less bees, you are not alone. And many flowers and summer squashes (in particular) are suffering. You can help the process alone by hand-pollinating.

Marty Wingate agrees with my view on hostas.

Chris Smith reviews ten superstar vegetables that everyone should grow. “To qualify as a superstar, a vegetable needed high ratings in several of five categories: its taste fresh from the garden, the cost to grow it versus buy it, its nutrition payload, the ease of production and the amount of production.”

Ann Lovejoy has some excellent suggestions, including tenting, for growing successful tomatoes here in the Northwest.

Want to grow your own food but don’t know where to start? Here is a simple how-to article with lots of info.

Want an orchard at your local school? Funding is available from the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

Garden Tours this summer in the Seattle area.

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