Interesting Garden Tidbits 2

Interesting Garden Tidbits 2

Seattle Tilth provides a gardening hotline that you can call or email with garden questions. They have experience in safe, effective pest and weed control, resource conservation, plant care and disease solutions, plant selection, composting and soil building techniques and more. 

Find a list of kid-friendly plants at Gardening for Kids. These are plants that they can grow with minimal effort but will still give big results.

When choosing tomato starts, Ciscoe Morris says to choose shorter, sturdy plants versus the tall lean ones.

Ann Lovejoy says that a little bling may woo away the male woodpeckers from knocking on your house and trees.

HGTV has found a sneeze-free garden and offers a unique route for allergy sufferers to take.

Chris Smith offers some tips on growing great raspberries.

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