Interesting Garden Tidbits 1

Interesting Garden Tidbits 1

Here are some interesting garden tidbits that I discovered in the past couple of weeks:

Growing Lemon Trees in the Northwest– Yes, apparently they can grow here. In particular the Meyer lemon although a pot is recommended.  It may need brought in at times and can require a lot of care. The author says that the tree will fruit most of the year.

Benefits to Using Seaweed in Your Garden– Wow, yes there are a few although overuse can be detrimental next season so you should be careful. As you know, Flora has to support most all uses of natural resources in our gardens. But I’m not sure about fertilizing with urine-which is another article I saw the other day.

Growing an Herb Lawn by MARIANNE BINETTI– An herb lawn provides fragrance, beauty and practicality that will add to your cooking charms.

A List of Native Plants for our area, in particular ones that draw wildlife.

Giant CabbageVideo of an 87-pound cabbage that won 2nd place in the Alaska State Fair Giant Cabbage Weigh-off.

Have fun! If you have any interesting gardening tidbits, please share them in the comment section.

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