Hungarian Wines from Kristof

Hungarian Wines from Kristof

Kristof WinesHungary, with twenty-two wine regions, has an extremely unique feature-the whole country has soil suitable for growing vineyards. So there is plenty of Hungarian wine for all of us.

The issue is getting the word out.

Hungarian Wines are classy and delectable, yet not seen as often as other nation’s wines due to lack of marketing. Just this year, the Hungarian government has decided to put more marketing dollars toward getting their delicious wines into other countries. The size of the winemaking in Hungary is the same size as Chile-but Chile spends about nine times more marketing dollars.

Diane Dobry, of Kristof Wines, knows from first-hand experience the challenges that Hungarian Wines face. Kristof Wines is named after her great grandparents who came from Hungary 100 years ago. Typical of Hungarians, her grandfather made his own wine. He then discovered a demand for it here in the United States.

As good as Hungary wines are, Dobry experiences challenges in spreading the word about them. She works with restaurants and receives requests from large food chains but to many consumers, “Hungarian” means dessert wine. Consumers are still learning that there are many more types than that available.

A wine chosen as one of Hungary’s 20 best white wines is called Egri Egri Cserszegi FuszeresCserszegi Fuszeres and has a fragrant aroma reminiscent of elderflowers. It pairs well with cream-based sauces and Dobry recommends drinking it with Chicken Parikash, Chicken Sausage and Chicken Liver. Mild fish including Trout, Halibut and Bass work well, as do Lobster and Oysters. It also pairs well with many vegetables, sauces and additional dishes.

Dobry personally and carefully selects her wines by traveling to Hungary each year and visiting the vineyards. She tastes, brings back samples and has her own list of wine lovers who also taste, comment and suggest price ranges. That way, she can personally oversee the quality and experience of her wines.

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