Holiday Wine

Holiday Wine

Holiday Wine ToastFood and Wine recently posted an article on good choices for holiday wines this year. It was at Thanksgiving time and focused on pairing with turkey side dishes. However, since many people have Turkey and the Trimmings for Christmas as well, it is still applicable (and hopefully helpful) to you this holiday season.

The list is extensive and well worth a look-see. Here are a few from their recommended list:


2005 Hogue Pinot Grigio ($10) Pinot Grigio (or Pinot Gris; they’re the same grape) has become one of the Pacific Northwest’s most widely planted white varieties. Hogue’s version hews to the lighter, more Italian style, with a light floral aroma and nectarine-citrus flavors.

2004 Paraiso Riesling ($14) Made in an Alsace style-dry, with just a hint of sweetness, and full of tingling acidity, white peach and green apple fruit-this bottling from the Santa Lucia Highlands in California’s Monterey County is Riesling at its tastiest.


2005 Colonia Las Liebres Bonarda ($9) Colonia Las Liebres (which loosely translates to “colony of the rabbits”) is produced by Tuscan winemakers Alberto Antonini and Attilio Pagli in Argentina’s Mendoza region. That’s appropriate since Bonarda- the grape that creates this lively, juicy wine-also emigrated to Argentina from Italy.

2004 Bogle Petite Sirah ($11) Petite Sirah can often be aggressively tannic, but this bottling from Clarksburg, California, producer Bogle is soft enough to go with a vast range of dishes. Its ripe blueberry and blackberry fruit is luscious and compelling.

There is also a Rose recommendation listed so I encourage you if you are planning a holiday get-together to check out the entire list. There are many choices in several price ranges that are sure to please both you and your guests.

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