Holiday Garden and Entertaining Gifts

Holiday Garden and Entertaining Gifts

webgurgle_r4_c2.jpgCheck out this cool pitcher which comes in a multitude of colors. Your friends will love it. It actually gurgles when you pour from it and you can hear it when you click on the website. A friend told me that her kids are actually excited to serve their guests a drink from this cool fish.

Swiggies Wrist Water Bottles meet a need for me in my garden. I like to pack water around but I am forever leaving it on the porch rail or somewhere away from where I am working. A few times this summer, I even left it outside when I was done for the day. Whoops! Swiggies sent me a great answer. A small bottle attaches to a wrist band and holds it securely. Viola! The water walks with me and now I don’t have to search for it when I need a drink.

An Earth Cinema Circle Membership provides fantastic resources for those of us who are learning to go green-or want to do more green in our lives. These short films, of high quality with known actors, all have earthy messages and important information.

I have a Coheso Calorie Smart Calculator that can go shopping and dining with me! In fact, in includes menus for many well-known chain restaurants. I can even use it when garden planning. For instance, my Coheso Calorie Calculator just told me that one cup of Butterhead lettuce has 7 calories, 0 fat, 3 sodium, 1 carb, 1 fiber and 1 protein. Romaine has slightly more calorie content and slightly more sodium. And, it is higher in carbs. Wow-my lettuce has protein. I had no idea.

kathypeel.jpgA Tyndale book by Kathy Peel, “The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy Organized Home: Fast Solutions to Hundreds of Everyday Dilemmas” has a wonderful chapter on entertaining and it includes “10 Steps to an Unforgettable Event” which I found very helpful for planning and implementing gatherings of all types. Sometimes entertaining feels overwhelming to me as the “main planner” and one thing that Peel suggests is “Practice the five-minute maxim”-in other words, watch for snippets of time here and there and during that time, accomplish one thing towards the occasion. Peel also has a great list of all holiday dates. Within the chapter on entertaining is “Nine Entertaining Disasters-and What to do About Them”-another very helpful section.

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