Highlighting your Focal Point with a Centerpiece

Highlighting your Focal Point with a Centerpiece

How important are centerpieces when you are entertaining in your outdoor rooms and gardens? Some say that the beauty of the garden is centerpiece enough-still others think that a table set without a centerpiece is vastly incomplete.

I say that we are actually looking at two different components here. Having a centerpiece (on the table) will not necessarily distract from your focal point (garden or yard)-if chosen wisely.

Here are some ideas for ceterpieces that can enhance your guest’s experience, as well as highlight your focal points.

  • Pull in the Obvious– Pull in components from your focal point into your centerpiece. For instance, show off cut flowers from your garden. This will not be overkill if done with a light touch and in good taste. Do consider the flowers that are growing across the yard as opposed to the ones growing next to the porch.
  • Pull in the Not-So-Obvious– Entertaining in your backyard? For another conversation starter, pull in cut flowers from your front yard or use a houseplant.
  • Use the Homegrown– Consider fruits and vegetables that you are growing as a centerpiece-and be prepared for snackers. 
  • Use the Homemade– Let the kids make a crafty centerpiece specific to the types of guests that you are entertaining. For instance, if hosting the soccer team, make paper mache’ balls, paint them and place the in a bowl.  
  • Combine Features–  Consider combinations of items that say different things. For instance, use a group of formal wineglasses but add a touch of pretty with a single cut flower in each one.
  • Personal Touch-Make sure that your centerpiece speaks to your guests. Entertaining a group of mom’s? Add a gift within your centerpiece such as a movie pass or bubble bath for each attendee.  Or create a centerpiece that you can give away at the end of a gathering.
  • Make it Interactive– Include slips of paper with questions or conversation starters. If things start to go dry, reach for one and ask a question. Or, include games or giveaways.

Make sure that your centerpiece does not impede conversation. No one wants to have to look around something to converse with someone. Flat or low centerpieces work the best for this. Keep the color of your place settings, tablecloth, etc in mind as you choose and above all else, have FUN with it.

  • Dianne
    Posted at 20:26h, 10 May Reply

    I LOVE the idea of the “interactive” centerpiece! Just taking off from this idea– I could have a fortune-telling centerpiece, a little-known-facts centerpiece or a scavenger hunt centerpiece– thanks! This idea got me thinking!

  • flora
    Posted at 11:09h, 12 May Reply

    EXCELLENT ideas, Dianne! I’m going to make a scavenger hunt one as well. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Flora

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