High in the Air with Greenstone Designs

High in the Air with Greenstone Designs

(c) Greenstone DesignCan you feel it in the air? I can. THE SHOW starts tomorrow! Yahoo! While you are there, please check out the show garden from Greenstone Designs. I was honored recently to chat with Maggie Green from Greenstone. She is an amazing lady!

Flora-What do you think about the show theme this year of “sustainability”?

Maggie-It’s something we should all be concerned about. I see it becoming much more “mainstream” with many more people carrying re-usable bags, cutting down on their plastic water bottles and looking for ways to use more local products. I love the fact that the show will showcase so many ways we can have beautiful homes and gardens and still be green. Through this type of exposure and education it is becoming the norm to be more green and sustainable.

Flora-Love the idea that you are showing us: it is possible to have a garden high up on a deck! Cool. What’s the best way to get supplies up to decks?

Maggie-We have learned as an all women company that where there’s a will….there’s a way! We rely on these wonderful folding Rubbermaid carts that fit easily into elevators and carry a lot of weight (also so much better for the back!) We also size the components in smaller, easier to handle sizes. For instance, rather than bring one HUGE bag of soil with us, we will bring several smaller ones. They are easier to lift and move around, and easier to work with. The other tip would be to “containerize” if possible. Put those small 4″ plants into a bigger plastic tub to make the trek from the car up the elevator. You won’t be worrying about them sliding off and getting run over. All (c) Greenstone Designsof our tools are containerized too so we put a few containers on the cart and off we go! It’s sort of the same challenge that people who garden on houseboats face – how do I get all of this stuff from here to there? Oh, one more tip: we buy disposable painting tarps to put on the route through the condo or apartment so just in case anyone has muddy feet or a plant tips – no mess. Then we shake them out, fold them up and use them multiple times before composting!

Flora-What are your biggest challenges as a designer for smaller spaces?

Maggie-Probably just trying to fit in all of the elements that the homeowner wants. It has to stay reasonably simple or it just becomes too cluttered feeling. You can use big elements, in fact, it’s better than a lot of little ones, but you just can’t use too many of them.

Flora-When you design, are you also able to give clients instructions on how to care for specific plants within the design?

Maggie-Yes, if the client is going to maintain the containers or design themselves, we provide a detailed instruction sheet with plant and care information.

Flora-Tell us about your Show Garden! And where will your garden be?

Maggie– Our garden will be located in the main garden display area on the left side as you enter the floor. Right next to the WSNLA display. Our garden is called Urban Aerie and depicts a condo high in the sky. The time of day is dusk and the deck welcomes the owners home from a long day at work. The plants in the containers focus more on color and texture than on flowers. They are plants that look good all year round and do not need to be changed out seasonally – after all, it is a long way up! There are rough and smooth surfaces, comfortable, lightweight chairs, a beautiful organic shape stone table and lights from the most unexpected places!

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    Posted at 19:35h, 19 February Reply

    Wow nice picture, I really like it. I consulted a master gardener on various topics regarding household gardening and horticulture techniques and I think your info really helps me.

  • Kathleen
    Posted at 16:04h, 25 February Reply

    Wonderful! Love the use of glass as an adjunct to the design — the floating glass balls and the organic glass “sculpture” in the pot. By the way, I’ve met Maggie Green, too — and as the article says, she IS truly an “amazing lady”!

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