Guest Post: Show Impressions

Guest Post: Show Impressions

By Susan Scheen
Whidbey Island, Washington

nw09-070.JPGStarting off our day with Ciscoe Morris with stories from the seminar The Good, the Bad, and the Bloopers kept me laughing all day. I brought away the idea of pruning plants back to different levels. Not only does it add interesting dimensions in height, but the plants will bloom at different times keeping color blooms in the garden longer than normal.

A special treat was watching Marianne Beneti chat with Duane Kelly, founder of Pacific Northwest Flower & Garden Show. They were together on the first seminar stage sponsored by Sunset Magazine many years ago. Marianne’s ideas for the garden included using opposites (contrasting colors, the darks and light, the intense and softer) within the many shades of foliage.

The awesome show gardens took center stage. They focused on both practical and whimsical using many of our Pacific Northwest mosses found in trees and on forest floors. Moss added great depth and character to steps and gardens spaces.

Garden Art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The artist’s work reflected unusual, whimsical and stunning ideas including vibrant glass and softer tones of stone and metal. I purchased a pearl triangular-cut flower holder.

Of course no market place at a garden show is complete without plants, and I found all the local nurseries, large and small, showing off with displays of color. I found a great bargain towards the end of the show where I bought 3 pots of succulents.

Is this really the last Pacific Northwest Flower and Garden Show? No way! As Marianne Benetti said, “We all plan on meeting here next year, same time, same place, as we keep on sharing about Gardening!”

When Susan was eight years old, she loved her mother’s garden. She would bring all sorts of things to plant there like obnoxious plants, seeds, pinecones and anything she could find to add to her garden. Her mother was not always pleased. Susan continues to garden by the seat of her pants, random and haphazardly, watching plants grow and mature.

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