Green Living-One Step at a Time

Green Living-One Step at a Time


Well, you would have to live on Mars (my apologies to any Martian readers) to not hear about the daily grind that we as a nation are in. And by that I mean the gas crisis and the ensuing food price increases, environmental impacts, etc. The seed companies report that their sales have doubled and that more people are calling for instructions on growing their own food. Yippee-that one makes me very happy to hear.  

What are you doing to get you and your family through this crisis and help sustain our earth? Please share, and if you need some ideas-here are some: 

  1. Both my mom and I doubled the veggies that we are growing this year. This saves gas and food money as well as our exposure to chemicals as we grow some organically. We pass the extras on through to family, neighbors, friends and food bank.
  2. Other years, I have used a grow light and grew veggies indoors during the year and this is something that I will consider for this fall as well. They say that a penny spent in seeds yields a dollar of produce.
  3. I work from home. This saves gas and I am so grateful for this, especially now. I can’t imagine working elsewhere and then spending most of my money on transportation to get back and forth.
  4. For the first time in my life, I am encouraging my children and my family members to use public transportation where it is available. I should have done my part on this long ago but will admit that thinking of safety has always played a role in this.
  5. I am going to buy Green Bags. I’ve seen them advertised of course. But my local news station actually tested them and I was astounded with the results. Bananas in a Green Bay actually lasted a couple weeks longer than the others. And everything else lasted longer too. This will help with waste, as each bag can be used many times and I hate to admit this but it does seem that I often have to toss old bananas (or make banana bread).
  6. I am looking at buying a Steam Mop. Granted, I have not tried this one yet or seen studies on it but if I can truly clean my floors without chemicals, it’s worth it to me. This will save gas, waste (chemical containers) and help my family’s health.
  7. My neighbor has one day a week where she refuses to use her car. She walks with her baby or takes the bus. And she wrote a letter to the editor of our hometown paper encouraging everyone else to do the same. I suspect that one day could easily become two for some of us and the reduction of emissions on our environment could be astounding. Get a bike, people.

Please consider making some healthy changes with me. And stay tuned for more simple green ideas in the next post.

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