Green Conflict

Green Conflict

centerpiece from www.wreathsdirect.infoWhether we like it or not, there are often conflicts in the gardening world. And now that many are interested in “being green”, some new ones have cropped up.

Would you choose the chance to use your solar panels over the life of trees? Jasmine talks about a real case in California recently decided.

Many cities are deciding that they need to track trees that fall and require a permit for those being removed. In my little city (following thousands of others), we must get permission to remove a tree even on property we own and I must tell you—that permission seems rarely granted.

Is a Christmas Tree Farm green? I have had several people tell me “no way!” But, I disagree. They replant the trees that they use and how can you argue what trees provide? They give us oxygen and also provide habitats. By the way, if you are in the market for holiday greenery, I highly recommend this one. They make totally gorgeous wreaths and centerpieces. You can even enter code w0834 for free UPS shipping in the USA.


Here’s an issue: We seem to be constantly plowing down trees and forest lands for our convenience—for roads. Should there be limits on new road and buildings? What’s your opinion?

At the same time, to what lengths should we go to protect natural habitats? My city is currently considering making the whole town a “Nature Park” with many increased educational and environmental opportunities. We are also reconfiguring former lagoons as wetlands and planning around that.

What about fake lawns? Does using turf take away from natural habitat? Is it worth it because it prevents the wide use of chemicals and helps conserve gas because it doesn’t need mowed? What happens to it when someone rips it up to replace with another material? Does it go to a landfill?

And while we’re on the subject of fake, I hate fake flowers. They look fake and old-fashioned and they collect horrendous dust. But some believe that the “green” thing to do is to not cut real flowers even for display. What’s your opinion on that?


Is it more “green” to have a real Christmas/Holiday tree or a fake one?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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