Got Roots?

Got Roots?


 New cooking demos take you Garden to Table 

Edible gardening is a trend that is here to stay. People want the food safety that comes from growing their own edibles and the satisfaction of walking outside and picking the freshest vegetables possible.

But what can avid edible gardeners do in the colder, wetter months of Northwest winters? There are many cool-season edibles good for our region (and we have seminars on those!) but sometimes there’s a bigger issue: After you grow the beets, how do you cook the beets – and get your children to eat the beets?

Introducing our Garden to Table Cooking Series, perfect for inspiring you to kick it up a notch when it comes to cooking these cool season edibles.

Join Diane Morgan, author of Roots and 17 other cookbooks, Erica Strauss, popular NW Edible Life blogger and Lorene Edwards Forkner, author of The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening, for seminars that will show you how to slice, dice, season and savor your winter season edibles.

There’s more in store on our seminar lineup at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, to be held February 20 – 24 at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle. Discover other great edible gardening seminars on our Speakers at a Glance” page. You’re going to want a Two-Day Pass to cram it all in! ~ Janet

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