Good Things in Small Spaces

Good Things in Small Spaces

 Popular garden vignettes and containers 

The Small Space Showcase (formerly called the Container Exhibition) on the expansive, light-filled sky bridge is always hugely popular with attendees at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. After all, these are doable gardens! With a small footprint — only 6 ft. x 8 ft. — they are gardens that speak to those who live in urban homes, condominiums or apartments.

And they definitely say ‘small’ does not have to be boring!

We will have 16 designers at this year’s show, each creating memorable gardens with a message. Here’s a sneak peek from a few:

“The Teddy Bears’ Picnic”
Judith Jones & Vanca Lumsen

Fancy Fronds Nursery
Do you like surprises? Teddy bears? Picnics? If you do, you’ll love the delight by the scene of teddy bears nestled into a woodland setting having a picnic, with plenty of honey no doubt. Bears of all sizes and colors will be gathered to enchant you as they celebrate the textures and colors of Spring.

Sunnyside Nursery created this small garden in 2007 filled with lush foliage for year-round interest.

Nancy Clair Guth

Artistic Garden Concepts
Thanks to Van Zanten Landscapes
‘Electro-Cute’ is comprised entirely of salvaged items, mostly building-electrical related. Electrical caging as a background trellis, a rusty radiator re-born as a bench, 50 year old conduit wire woven into Baskets, nicely worn commercial grade ceramic lamp shades flipped upside down to create containers brimming with drought tolerant plants. Everything old is new again!

“Aquarium Zen”
Steve Waldron
Aquarium Zen LLC
Discover the Japanese art of “Nature Aquarium” aquascaping– artfully designed planted aquarium gardens glowing with vitality.  “Aquarium Zen” will inspire tranquility and a sense of wonder for the beauty of nature.

Tourquoise and lime green make a cool-hot combination such as thie container garden designed by Ravenna Gardens for the 2010 show.

“Eco-Lawn Garden”
Miriam Goldberger
Wildflower Farm’s EcoLawn

Thanks to Gardener’s Supply, BedRock Industries, J Foss Flowers, Glass Gardens NW
Celebrate sustainable gardening with Eco-Lawn – the Eco-Logical turf for the northwest gardener. Recommended by Sunset Magazine, learn why Eco-Lawn drastically reduces mowing, watering & fertilizing;  why Eco-Lawn works beautifully in sun, shade & even under pine trees and how to over seed your existent lawn or create a new Eco-Lawn.

“The Private Realm of Marie Antoinette”
Janit Calvo, Two Green Thumbs Nursery
Bruce Bailey, Heavy Petal Nursery
Sneak away to this secret garden. Enter within, sit, relax, and privately enjoy a garden oasis through the eyes of history’s most notorious fashionista: Marie Antoinette. The Queen of France spent a fortune not just on jewelry, gowns, and shoes, but on creating her ideal gardens and sanctuaries complete with rivers, orchards and farm animals where her family and friends could roam and play in peace.

Emerald City Orchids always brings an amazing floral display with their gardens since February is a good time for many orchids to bloom naturally

“Jurassic Park”
West Seattle Nursery

Jennifer Gaikowski, Jeannine James, Marcia Bruno and Harris Hvezda
A small world of Exotic, Tropical and Northwest native plants combined with sculptural and naturally occurring containers created from organic matter!  A thematic fountain provides a water supply for our pet dinosaurs, who roam the tableau munching on ferns.  Fatsias, Tasmanian Ferns, Mahonia combine with groundcovers, grasses, palms and colorful indoor plants to take you back in time to the days when the earth was young.

“Dragonfly: Creating an Environment for Healing & Rejuvenation”
Suzanne Phillips, CPH
Tea Leaf Gardens
Tea Leaf Gardens strives to demonstrate how a small garden can create a pause of beauty in our lives, particularly when it needs renewal due to stress, loss or unexpected change. Dragonflies demonstrate loss and change through their metamorphosis. The Hollywood movie, “Dragonfly,” focuses on grief and loss.

Liven up even the smallest space with colorful containers and a wall color that pops, such as this by West Seattle Nursery in 2011.

“My Inner Sanctuary”
Barry Hoffer

Maples for All Seasons
When you leave your house and enter into your Asian Inspired garden, the calming effect of Japanese Maples get you ready for the days events. Upon returning, as you walk into your inner sanctuary you leave behind the stresses of the work day and enjoy the relaxing beauty of Japanese Maples.

Rounding out the compact, yet inspirational gardens will be designs by Codina Ceramics, Dean Tile & Design, Emerald City Orchids, Killarney Cove Garden Design, Molbak’s Garden + Home, Ravenna Gardens, Steve Farris, and Sunnyside Nursery.  See our website for more details.

If you’re new to the garden show, check out our new First Time Attending website page. It’s a big help with all the things you might want to know before you go. ~ Janet

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