Gifts for Your Garden-Loving Valentine

Gifts for Your Garden-Loving Valentine

Here it is-almost Valentine’s Day already. It’s running a little late to buy online and receive on-time so here are some ideas for presents that you can make for your sweet valentine who has a love of gardening.

GARDEN JOURNAL– All the ones that I have started have been simple, boring and plain. Yes, they are usually spiral notebooks. But I could do better-especially if someone gave me good start. Decorate a notebook for your gardening valentine and include room for the categories that they might want to write about.

GARDEN SCRAP– Offer to make them a scrapbook of their garden. Track growth for several months-starting with the preparation of soil if you can-and record their journey for them. It will be a precious gift that they will treasure forever. Choose some flowers from their garden that you can press between pages of heavy books and then use within the book.

GARDEN SCRAP 2– Buy a scrapbook and decorate it only partially, leaving room for their meanderings and pictures as they desire.

GARDEN POT– Buy a simple pot and decorate it to match their current décor. Use mosaic tiles or even decoupage. If you have kids in the family, let them decorate a plastic or terra cotta planter with paints or permanent markers to make “forever pictures” and handprints.  

GARDEN TIME– Offer to work for your sweetie, baby-sit, take care of their home or whatever they need help with so that they can have time in the garden. I bet there is a lot that they would like to accomplish. Or, if they need a break from garden preparation, offer to do it for them under their guidance.

pottingGARDEN HERBS– Start an herb garden for them, if they don’t already have one.

GARDEN PROJECT– Rig up that fencing/trellis, build that flower box, or do whatever project that your loved one has been bugging you about.

All these are memorable gifts that include the giving of your time-and will show your love in a way that no card can do.

Happy Valentines Day!

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