Garden Show Staff Spotlight – Kyle Aronson

Garden Show Staff Spotlight – Kyle Aronson

Kyle Aronson with his daughter Linnea, who couldn't wait to get to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show!

This is the first blog where I turn the spotlight on my colleagues – the people who work all year to bring you five days of gardening nirvana – the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. I’m starting with Kyle Aronson, the website and graphic design guru for O’Loughlin Trade Shows. Kyle handles all the detailed technical stuff for not only the garden show website and print materials, but all the websites of the O’Loughlin Trade Show (OTS) family of events.


Kyle has been working behind the scenes to get the garden show’s new website up and running, which has been a huge project. Check it out on  And he also designed the look and feel to our new blog – The Garden Show Blog, written by yours truly. Kyle set up so that I only have to post the content and photos and manage the sidebar. Of course, he’s my go-to guy whenever I have a technical glitch (which is embarrassingly often). So it’s only apropos that I start these staff spotlights with Kyle, since he deserves the credit for making this blog look so good.


Kyle has been with OTS for five years. He studied landscape architecture, receiving his degree from Washington State University in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture. But before he had a chance to kick off his new career, he asked Jeff Swenson, one of his college roommates and manager of the OTS Tacoma office, if there might be job opportunities in the Seattle area. A few days later, Jeff asked if he was interested in coming to work for O’Loughlin Trade Shows. That was an offer Kyle couldn’t resist. Life became even sweeter when he met Ellen, who is Jeff’s cousin, who was working at the Tacoma office. They married two years later. Then when O’Loughlin bought the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Kyle got to blend his love of landscaping with his high tech work.


But Kyle has perhaps one of the best garden show stories of all. He and his wife were expecting the birth of their first daughter around March 12 of this year. He was feeling pretty darn pleased with himself in the family planning – the baby wouldn’t arrive until after most of the spring OTS shows were over for the season. It’s a grueling schedule for a few months, and Kyle was glad it would be behind him before the baby came.


But is seems Mother Nature had something else in mind. Imagine Kyle’s surprise when his wife went into labor five weeks early – late on the second day of the garden show, when the show was in high gear!  He rushed off to be with his wife and on February 5, their beautiful 5 lb. 12 oz. daughter was born.


The delicate pink flower Linnaea borealis perfectly suits its new namesake

Now this coincidental appearance of course resulted in a lot of unsolicited ideas for baby names, with the usual clichés such as Blossom, Daisy, Rose, Lily, and Thistle.  Kyle and Ellen took all these good natured suggestions in stride, and, thankfully, ignored them. Instead they chose a perfectly charming name that will always remind them of their daughter’s fortuitous early arrival: Linnea Marie.


For those of you not up on your botanical history, this is the name of a delicate pink flower, of Swedish origin. Carl Linnaeus, the Swedish botanist who is considered the father of botanical nomenclature, chose that flower to name after himself.  So little Linnea Marie’s name indeed has its roots in gardening, and she will always have a story to tell her friends when they ask how she got her name.  And of course we’re hoping that someday Linnea will follow in longstanding garden show tradition as a family company and come to work at the show. – Janet

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