Garden Reading Mania

Garden Reading Mania

Are you catching up on your garden reading this season as rain falls relentlessly from the sky? I have been doing some of this, mostly enjoying reading about brand new plants.

Have you heard of deer-resistant wildflowers?

High Country Gardens carries them, and they also have a mutitude of additional deer-resistant varieties. They have drought-resistant ones, as well. I am sorry that I can’t post pictures right now due to computer difficulties but their offerings are well worth a click over on the catalog. I will link it at the bottom of the post.

Another reading venue I am catching up on is garden blogs. Did you know that Joe Gardener recently vamped up his site? It’s really nice and and he is posting on his blog a lot more so I am catching up there. Joe is reading Rowan Jacobsen’s book, “Fruitless Fall; The Collapse of the Honey Bee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis” and recently highlighted a case of intentional Colony Collapse in his blog. It’s just sad. Again, linked at the bottom of this post.

Seattle PI has some very cool features in their garden section. Forums are active with people that really can answer your questions. Also, one of the best parts is that there is a place to upload your garden pictures. And of course, that means you can also take a stroll through a multitude of gardens. This has been a fave place of mine to hang out this winter.

I have been reading up also on Live Christmas Trees. I have some challeges with getting one and you may too. But at the same time, you can’t beat the eco-friendliness of one, if you replant it afterwards. I am pleased to see that many of them come in a bag as opposed to a pot, as I don’t have an open-bed truck. I also don’t have land right now to replant one-but that’s OK-we will find a place. I also discovered that if you live in Portland, Oregon, you can RENT a live tree that will be delivered, picked up and planted. I hope other non-profits in other cities start a program like this one!

What are you reading this winter?

Joe’s Compost Confidential

High Country Garden’s New Plants

Seattle PI Gardens

Live Christmas Trees

  • Zach
    Posted at 14:12h, 25 November Reply

    I have been reading Aroids: Plants of the Arum Family by Deni Brown. Also, I’m waiting for Christmas and hoping I get some more planty books!

  • Joe Lamp'l
    Posted at 14:25h, 25 November Reply

    Hi Flora. Joe Lamp’l (aka joe gardener) here. You’re right. That case of intentional colony collapse made me so sad and mad at the same time. How ironic that I was reading Rowan’s book on Honey Bees when that sad email came through. Glad you like the site and thanks for stopping by the blog. Always love stopping by yours. It’s a real treat!

  • Jeremy @ CGT
    Posted at 13:53h, 28 November Reply

    Hey Flora!

    I love that about the “Live Trees”…That is Cool.

    It always seemed like such a waste to cut down all these trees, the ones that produce oxygen during the winter, and throw them out a few days later!

    It’s about time people started to “Wake Up”. Thanks for the tip and look forward to reading more posts on your site.

  • Flora
    Posted at 20:43h, 28 November Reply

    Hi everyone! Glad you hear you are reading garden information this winter, reading the blog, sharing and yes, even considering a live tree. Wow-what an awesome group. Thanks so much for your comments. ~Flora

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