Garden Design Game

Garden Design Game

Flora’s Garden DesignIf you haven’t yet seen the fun garden design game on the Northwest Flower and Garden Show site, you should check it out. To get there, click on the homepage and go to the tab that says “Cool Stuff” and then “Design a Garden! Game”.

To play, click the arrows at the bottom right of the screen for each feature and then move them around to your desired location on the screen. You can even change the background that you are working on.

Although it is just a game and doesn’t have all the features that you will want in your garden, it’s a fun way to play around and perhaps even get a basic visual of your desired landscape plan. I am not an artist, and can make crude bubble maps when planning, but it helped me to have the color, and the actual features (such as the pond) to move around.

You can’t save your garden on the system but like me, you can take a picture of your final one.

To take a picture of your garden:

  1. Place your final choice on your screen and click on your “Print Screen” button on your keypad (often, you must use the SHIFT key or the CTRL to get it).
  2. Then, go into your photo program (I use a freebie but goodie-Microsoft Digital Image Standard 2006 Editor).
  3. Open a new project and paste your garden there by using CTRL plus the letter “V” on your keypad.
  4. Crop or re-size as desired. Print it out, and take it with you to the Garden Show to start planning even more!

Have fun!

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