FREE Plant Inspection for Canadian Gardeners

FREE Plant Inspection for Canadian Gardeners


 Plant inspection courtesy of the NWFGS 

Canadian gardeners who come to the US for the Northwest Flower & Garden Show know that they can’t leave home without their passport, and they can’t return home without their passport and their Washington State Department of Agriculture Phytosanitary Inspection Certification paperwork if they buy any plants. Whew! That sounds like a load of paperwork. But at the garden show, we make it easy for our attendees to get this very important inspection paperwork done and even better – we pick up the cost, so it’s FREE. 

Don’t return home without your inspected plant certificate – and we offer the service for FREE!

Plant inspection is vital to preventing the spread of diseases. Inspectors ensure that unwanted, noxious or even toxic plant pests and diseases are not hitching a ride on plants traveling with their unsuspecting new owners. This prevents pests and diseases from getting a foothold into native plants and wiping out our native populations.

All of the nursery vendors selling plants at the garden show have been pre-certified by the WA State Department of Agriculture. After you have purchased your plants, take them to Booth #2622. It’s a free service compliments of the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Complete the required forms, and after the plants have been inspected by the WSDA team you can pick them up.

When you do cross the border, show the customs agent your completed inspection forms. And if you are traveling with friends all in the same car or on one of our bus tours, you can list all your plants together on one form to make it easier!

Coming to the garden show has never been easier – or cheaper. This year the garden show is offering a special discount package for Canadian residents, so look for our ads in the Vancouver Sun (both online and print editions) We have partnered with the Crowne Plaza Hotel for this discount, and it’s conveniently located only 2 blocks from the show.

Who can resist buying plants at out huge Plant Market? Pictured: Erynigium ‘Big Blue’ which does great in sunny, low-water gardens.

The garden show has a great lineup of nurseries in our Plant Market. Check out the highlights in a recent blog.

Whether you’re interested in dahlias, lilies, perennials of all kinds, heirloom vegetables, Japanese maples, heaths and heathers, cacti and succulents, conifers, roses, Bonsai, bromeliads, ferns, or orchids, we’ve got it in the Plant Market. To check out the entire list, go to our Exhibitor list and scroll down to Plants and Seeds and also Retail Nursery:

And if you think you might not want to shop for plants because you’ll end up schlepping around heavy containers the rest of the day, think again. We have two FREE Package Check locations where you can stash your new purchases until you’re ready to leave for the day. ~ Janet

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