Flower Show and Sustainable Living

Flower Show and Sustainable Living

june-078.JPGI’m thrilled to announce the theme this year for the Northwest Flower and Garden Show. It is “Sustainable Spaces. Beautiful Places.” Yippee that the show is taking a step in this direction. Gardeners can make such a difference in our world as you know and I hope that many attendees learn everything possible about sustainability and choose to implement it into their lives.

On that note, Oster and Associates is a branding company who decided completely make the switch and go green. Below is an article about their experience. It touches on the phrase that some of you might get tired of hearing.

Are You Tired of Green?

About three years ago, Oster and Associates decided to go green. We’re a branding agency, and it was a natural transition from working with many natural and organic products.

But what we didn’t realize when the concept first hit us was how encompassing it would be in the way we do business – and how it would reshape our own brand. Changing a brand, or developing a brand for an entrepreneurial company, is often a study in details and persistence. Your brand needs to be what everyone in the organization lives and breathes. And in order to get everyone on the same page, what that brand is, and what it stands for, needs to be well defined.

It may not seem like the easy way, but in the process of changing the Oster brand, I decided to write a book. Of course, today, the book is required reading for all new employees. But I found the process of writing it also helped me define every detail that needed to be addressed in making the brand the core of our organization.

Today if we ask ourselves if we’re tired of green, we feel like we’ve only begun. But the market may get tired of precise terminology, and I believe that is what has happened to the color green. For many people, and organizations, it has been so overused and misrepresented that it has already become worn.

Are we green? Yes – and environmentally conscious, eco-friendly, inclined toward sustainability, into recycling – give us any moniker. What is important is that we live and breathe the brand, and when it is your passion and a true representation of who you are, then you never become tired of it. Leave the green fatigue to those who want to go on to another trend. Protecting the earth for the next generation and the next is a long term process, and one that can make companies more vibrant and more marketable.

Being a green company in this decade gives you a brand position that helps you stand apart from the competition, and that’s how you grow and prosper.

Bev Oster is the president of Oster and Associates, a branding company for environmentally conscious companies in San Diego, CA. She is also the author of Know Beans about Green.

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