Flora’s Garden Update

Flora’s Garden Update

cukesToday is my dad’s birthday and I forgot all about it. I NEVER forget his birthday. But I no longer have wall calendar-I keep everything in my planner and the birthdays didn’t get transferred, and the kids all just started school, and work is busy, and well-I forgot until he reminded me on the phone today.


(hoping that splashing it all over the internet will make up for my goof)

So while we’re on the subject of family, I promised you an update on my mom’s roof/container garden. You know-she is the one who has been breaking the rules with container gardens such as crowding them together, etc. It’s been hard to judge our results because it hasn’t been the best growing season and I am hearing this even from the professionals.

But it’s definitely growing. We lost two large tomato plants. Bummer because they were the slicing tomatoes of course and the other ones are producing-but slowly. We removed the brick bases from the rest of them and put the planters directly on the tar-paper roof to try and gain the most from the sun that we have left. Now they don’t drain as well and since I over-watered yesterday, I was dumping water from them today. Oops.

I don’t know if the corn will reach its full potential and that may be corn and beansboth a combination of the crowding and the poor sun season we’ve had here at the coast. The cucumbers are behind, but they have blossoms. The squash doesn’t look so great. The leaves are yellowing and I am going to try a milk spray on them. The beans want water everyday-we didn’t get them enough dirt this year but they should be busting out anytime soon. Peas, of course, are done. I was going to try some fall crops (bok coy) but haven’t got there yet.

In the meantime, my parents are now living in Arizona for their half year there so I am wandering in and out of their garden taking care of it. My mom told me all about how she winterizes it and I hope that I remember it all. Good topic so we will discuss that closer to the cold season on how to “store” your container gardens and what you can/can’t keep for next year.

Sorry again, dad.

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