Familiar Marketplace Exhibitors Returning to Garden Show

Familiar Marketplace Exhibitors Returning to Garden Show

It’s one-stop shopping for all your gardening needs (and splurges) at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. With over 300 Marketplace Exhibitors at the show, you’ll find everything you need. Here’s just a few of the many Exhibitors that have returned to the show year after year, bringing their beautiful art, home décor, nature-inspired jewelry and practical top-of-the-line tools for all your gardening needs. We offer free package check, and free plant inspection for our Canadian attendees, so you can shop to your heart’s delight!



Charley’s Greenhouse & Garden opened in 1973, and has been at the garden show almost every year since it opened in 1989. As one of the leading providers of greenhouses and greenhouse supplier, Charley and Carol Yaw love to help people get started with a greenhouse, and solve any problems they might have. Just browse their website and you will find greenhouses to fit every size, style and budget – portable or stationary, attached or unattached, metal or cedar. If a greenhouse is in your near future, stop and talk to the Charley and carol at the show, and they will be glad to help you get started just in time to start your seeds.


Florian Ratchet-Cut Pruning Tools is now a third-generation, family owned business, headquartered in Connecticut, with distributors all over the U.S. They proudly design, manufacture and assemble their products in the USA. In addition to pruners and pruning saws, the have garden tools for garden maintenance. One of their best selling tools, the ratchet pruner, has a patented mechanism that works like the jack on your car. It multiplies your strength, so it allows people with diminished hand strength to be able to prune efficiently, without creating pain or problems in their hand.


Lee Valley Tools is another family-owned business and they have been serving their customers with gardening tools since 1978. Many of their tools are of their own design, and they have even developed tools that were designed by their customers! From axes to weeding tools, and all kinds of tools in between, they have thoughtful, ergonomic design – and a 100% guarantee. They have been at the garden show for many years, bringing a wonderful assortment of tools for new gardeners and veterans alike.


Sunshine Gardenhouse, nestled in the Pacific Northwest in Longview, Washington, takes great pride in bringing the joy of year-round gardening to folks throughout the Northwest. They’ve been in business for over 25 years, building Gardenhouses for the past five years. Their goal is to manufacture the best looking, easiest to assemble, most durable and most functional greenhouses. Whether you are yearning for fresh tomatoes grown almost year round, a relaxing sanctuary to putter around it, or a protected home for your prize orchids, they have cold frames and garden houses of all sizes to suit your style and budget.


The Muck Boot Company is teamed up with Sunshine Gardenhouse, to try on some boots when you look at the garden houses. The Original Muck Boot Company™ story began in 1999 with the sole purpose of building the most comfortable, high performance footwear on the market. The need for a more comfortable boot for use in messy and tough conditions led to the design of The Original Muck Boot Company™ brand footwear. Every boot in the line is expected to deliver the same 100% waterproof quality and comfort that inspired the original brand. These are gardening shoes, clogs and boots that you will reach for again and again!


The Wildflower Seed & Tool Company of Napa Valley offers unique high quality wildflower seeds mixtures.  They do not add grass or clover seed, so the absence of “filler” seeds means the wildflowers compete less for growing space and are more likely to reestablish themselves and flourish for years to come. Their garden tools are proprietary to The Wildflower Seed and Garden Tool Company and are designed to be ergonomically friendly and manufactured of the highest quality of material. They are all red for a reason: so you can find them in the garden!



Born and raised on Kodiak Island, Alaska, Gunter Reimnitz spent his childhood fishing for salmon with his family. He received a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute where he earned his BFA in sculpture. Now he owns Abraxas Crow Company, working in Port Townsend, Washington, creating his distinctive metal sculptures and showing them throughout the Northwest. You can see the Alaska influence in Gunter’s work, and some other-worldly influences as well!


To Barbra Sanderson, owner of Glass Gardens Northwest, almost anything in the garden can become a work of glass art. She studies nature’s patterns and shapes so she can interpret them into the unique, one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces of blown glass. She has created daisies, mushrooms, birds, carrots, radishes, yams, and pomegranates, and she’s experimenting with peas in a pod in her latest designs. Glass art from Glass Gardens Northwest has been used in a number of recent show gardens at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Fancy Fronds, Greenstone Designs and Plantswoman Design have all used her glass for dramatic effect in their gardens.


The roots of Adam Scroggin’s art first grew in the eclectic environment of San Francisco, where he was a teacher and friend to many artists. Then one day he discovered the fine art of pottery, and the feel of the clay on his hands, and he never looked back. After training in his newfound passion, he set up his own studio and experimented with clay and glazes and firing, still working at his day job. Then finally he was ready to start out on his own, and in 1983 Blue Heron Pottery was molded into existence near Clear Lake and Cheney, Washington. Today Adam’s work is a Northwest favorite, and the studio continues to grow and receive commissions and gallery showings.


Bob and Iris Jewett, owners of Wilberton Pottery, have been a fixture at the garden show since 1995. Bob started studying pottery in 1986 at Bellevue Community College, but found he really didn’t like throwing pots on a pottery wheel. He needed something similar, but different. He started working with slabs of clay, and originally made all-weather garden containers. Because Bob is a consummate plant collector, he had a desperate need for garden containers that could withstand freezing weather, so he set out to create them. Thus began Wilburton Pottery, named for the area where Bob and Iris live in Bellevue. Designs range from delightful insects, frogs, birds, flowers and trees, to serene nudes and portraits. 


Douglas Mader of Courtyard Art & Design has been creating high quality metal art for the home and garden for over 20 years. He produces his designs in the Oregon wine country with a team of skilled artisans. From finely detailed hydrangeas, roses and orchids, to sculptural bamboo, oak and cypress trees, even heron and flying fish, many things from nature inspire Doug’s art. (Full disclosure – I have two of Doug’s pieces: the piece pictured above, that hangs over our outdoor barbeque and reminds my husband of his favorite golfing in the Carmel area, and a bamboo piece that is in our master bath.) What’s nice about selecting a metal sculpture work of art from Courtyard Art is that they often come in different sizes. So you can find the subject that you want, and select the size that is perfect for the spot you have in mind in your home or garden.


Kate Larsson took her first watercolor class in 1996, and within two years she had her first solo show and was accepted into her first art gallery. She now shows her art in six states. She takes her own reference photos, hand draws the compositions, and then begins painting, using transparent watercolors to maintain the whiteness of the paper behind. She keeps glazing the color in layers – up to 8 applications of color. The result is vibrant, intense color, and many customers who love how happy these brilliant paintings make them feel.



Dennis Ray is the artist behind Nature’s Creations, beautiful pins, earrings and necklaces made from Mother Nature herself. Using the technique of electroforming, he surrounds the nonmetallic objects (leaves, pine needle branches, ) with metal. This involves forcing the materials to conduct electricity and then slowly electroplating metal to strengthen and protect it. Each unique piece created goes through over 24 steps and involves over 20 hours of metal layering. The pieces are colored with natural copper patina and then embellished with paints. The result is wonderful wearable jewelry that never fails to make a statement. Dennis will even do special projects and commissions if you have a leaf from a tree or shrub that has sentimental meaning for you.


Seattleite Jana Cooper has been designing and making jewelry for over 30 years, mostly showing her work at art shows in the Pacific Northwest. Her goal is to make jewelry fun and accessible to all, from earrings, cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, dog breed pins, ID badge lanyards and, new for her, steampunk theme jewelry! She is busy making new designs for her many garden show customers.




University Book Store’s mission is to provide University of Washington students and faculty with supportive and valued products and services to enhance their UW experience. But they don’t stop there. For years they have been bringing the best of the garden books to the garden show, through their Special Events division. In addition to their show booth, they operate our hugely popular Book Signing Station in the Conference Center, where you can purchase books by your favorite authors and have them autographed. This year we will have 63 author book signings, some published right before the show and not yet available on the market until March (like  Barbara Wise’s new book, pictured). They will also be selling children’s books and our entertainers’ CD’s over by the PlayGarden. You can read about some of the newest books they will be bringing here.


Ravenna Gardens, located in University Village in Seattle, was founded in 1997. It was established to be a creative neighborhood retailer, born from a mutual love of dirt by its founders. They all loved to be in their gardens, and saw a distinct need for a local company that really focused on the needs of the Northwest gardener. Their mission is to delight and inspire their customers to personalize, decorate, and style their outdoor spaces, and to creatively bring the outdoors inside the how. For the past two years, the Container Exhibition gardens done by Gillian Mathews and her team have won awards, and they are hard at work dreaming up new ways to wow you with a new garden, titled “The Terrarium Maker’s Studio.” You will fall in love with everything in the shop, no matter what time of year you visit, and their garden show display is always one of the best.




This is just a small sampling of the many Marketplace Exhibitors we have at the garden show, more than any show in the US! It’s the best place to shop for all your gardening needs (and desires), all under one roof. Start your dream list today, and then spend time with the proud professionals and artists who have been a part of the garden show family for many years. Read our earlier blog about some of the top nurseries that will be in the Plant Market at the show. Our Exhibitor List is now online and you can search for any company, or category of products. ~ Janet

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