Expand Your Gardening Library – Part 2

Expand Your Gardening Library – Part 2


 Hot new titles for all gardening interests 

Yes, it’s the age of the internet. But nothing beats curling up in a comfy chair with a good gardening book. It’s a wonderful way to get inspired for the coming gardening season, and help to improve your skills in all kinds of ways.

There’s only one rule about gardening books – there are no rules! And with so many titles to choose from with our 90 speakers, you will find lots of new books that suit your style and needs.

So check out the seminars by Billy Goodnick, Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz, Tovah Martin, Amanda Thomsen, Diane Morgan, Jane C. Gates, Kevin McElroy & Matthew Wolpe and local favorite Debra Prinzing. (Just click on their name above for a link to their full bio and seminar details.) Then join them at the Book Signing Station to get your new book autographed.


With over 100 seminars to choose from, and over 70 author book signings, you’re sure to find some great titles that will keep the excitement you have for the new garden season going strong until the weather improves and you can actually get outside in the garden! ~ Janet

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